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  1. Hi ,I don't have the A321 ,However I do have the A320 and A319 .Does anyone know when and if the A319 will be P3D V5 compatable ? Thanks
  2. the only reason I say orbx be happy is to stop it continually trying to update it and then it not being in the sim. thank you for your help
  3. I may have sorted it .....trying to repair in add remove it wanted Installer_SODE_v1.6.3.msi .so downloaded that and installed it .then updated to 1.7.1 and its saying sode registered .now to see if orbx central is happy with that .
  4. "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor." I've searched this problem can't find a fix ....Thought it might be simconnect tried reinstalling simconnect .
  5. I use Kaspersky and Malwarebytes and always disable both when installing known safe software .and also run installer as admin . This is really annoying me now . Every time I open Orbx Central it says update available for Sode sim object display Engine .So I update then verify files all good .However it does'nt show up in the sim menu and upon next open of orbx it wants to do it all again ............GRRRR .....F@$K
  6. Hi G-rfry yes I have tried to reinstall via download ,however I get an error with the install and it stops .I've also tried older versions but get same error ,still cant get it to work .
  7. Did this get resolved ? I'm having similar problem ,orbx tries to install / update sode every time I open orbx central .Sode doesn't show up in sim .
  8. I've just moved over to V5 ,Runs better than V4 on my machine .However the weather seems to always cloud in ,no matter what preset I use . I have to continually select clear skies during a flight or I end up with virtually zero visibility .I've tried orbx ,AS and default ...weather .
  9. I understand the disable reflections ....what if I wanted to get the most out of my purchase of V5 and fly in the rain enjoying reflections ................not possible huh
  10. I have this also .sort of not very immersive in a airbus .
  11. smaller team .....true ....but that is why they should look after the buyers and show future purchasers they too will be looked after . seems like the old we don't sell many, so we charge lots ......and ......often .......shameful business model .
  12. I am disappointed that this company want to gouge people regarding updates . If orbx ,fslabs and Majestic can supply an upgrade for V5 why not XP . This aircraft will be lost to me now .
  13. I have saitek switch panel landing gear and so forth ,I gave up on trying to get them to work ,more frustration than it's worth IMO .Didn't believe in paying for another program to work my switches which were supposed to work as is . Whatever I did, always something didn't work correctly .To much frustration ,just map the keys to joystick or memorise default keys .Oh and as for the trim wheel WELL Don't get me started on that .Saitek should come clean and either update their software or tell the truth as to how painful it is to own these boxes of switches .
  14. for what it's worth I use 3 monitors and use view groups ( so as not to get stretched views )I don't use nvidia surround ,or single view stretched across the three as this stretches things .3 @1920 by 1080 and views are great .I do have wideview enabled and zoom in to between .90 and .60 .I've tried many things and if you have multiple monitors and a decent Graphics card view groups are the way to go ,with wide view enabled .
  15. I upgraded from a 980TI to a 1080Ti ,couldn't be happier.Fantastic card IMHO .All though I have the luxury of selling the 980Ti down the family line .
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