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  1. Man this is like "what did the Romans ever do for us "
  2. lol .....check FPS ,edit this ,modify that ,tweek this, delete that ........and then wonder why its broke ...........lol
  3. the fix for this is to make sure you don't have multiple key bindings........worked for me
  4. This MSFS has to be the single most immersive simulated flying experience to date .Dropping out of the clouds and joining mid field at Gibraltar to join downwind , base and final over the water is just so impressive .Yeah you need a fairly good pc to enjoy it fully and the people who have all these so called problems that others don't ,really need to look at their pc and perhaps spend some coin on it ..... I've been using fsx since day dot and this is just fantastic ....and will only get better ..Happy times
  5. the sims barely 1 month old .........the same people beating the P3d drum ... because the less people using it ,the less developers will develop it, and there for it may become dare I say it obsolete ....I think every sim has its good - bad points ..... Give it time to grow ......
  6. I wish they had an analogue gauge version , must be easier to produce glass cockpits ....
  7. Why not just keep the xbox pass going for another month or so, its only like $5.00 AU . Maybe come xmas time bargains might be had unlikely but you never know .
  8. It should have what was advertised ! and it should be working ! please no more add-ons , it gets ridiculously expensive ....
  9. yeah thanks FPStewy ,I know how to try and fix it ,Just frustrated to have to go through all that configuring controllers when it was working ,and no guarantees that it wont happen again after doing it. You know this MSFS worked so well for me straight out of the box , until now . I think that with so many people having controller issues that a fix might have come sooner rather than later . I do understand all the different configurations out there ,but the ability to delete attached controllers so the sim wont try and use them again would have been helpful . Much like DCS
  10. Thanks for the replies ,I've used FSUIPC for years in P3D ,just upgraded to version 6 not so long ago .Was really hoping to not need any other programs with this MSFS . I guess not .. Ok just tried FSUIPC7 to fix this altitude and heading bug degree fix .However I still have the problem . This is very frustrating .
  11. I'm getting this bug with saitek x52 ,the altitude in 1000's and heading in 10' degrees .I'm very frustrated by this, as it was working fine for days up until just recently . I've been searching for a fix .
  12. you can still just buy from MS and add the game to steam to launch it .............your call ....... What are the differences between the Standalone DCS World and the Steam version? Steam Version: - Auto-Update without launching the game (as long as steam is open) - Faster Download/Update Speed - Steam In-Game Overlay - Steam Friend List Notifications - Quick Repair - DLCs not present on Steam are unsupported Standalone DCS World: - Get all the modules as soon as they are released - Does not require any extra program to be launched - Has every single modules available If you are fine with waiting for most product to be available on Steam and like most of the Steam feature, the Steam version might be for you. If you own unsupported products such as Upgrades / FC3 or do not care about the Steam functionalities, Standalone DCS World might be for you.
  13. just be cautious,sometimes steam version's may not be compatible with add-ons . DCS world did this, and if you buy from MS I think you'd be better supported should that happen . I've personally lots of games through steam ,except DCS World .Once my xbox trial ends I'll buy from MS .just to be sure
  14. I would be wary about purchasing through steam , I had FSX and DCS World through steam and some 3rd party add-ons are not compatible with steam version especially DCS world .I had to move my install from steam .Might not be the case with MSFS but I personally wouldn't buy it through steam ,just in case ...........
  15. Haha ........well the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence ....................plus 1 MSFS .Never have I had so much fun in a sim . Build it and they will come ......and the wait will be worth it.
  16. I went back to P3d after msfs released and promptly uninstalled it and all the add ons ........lots of $ worth .But after the visuals and smoothness of MSFS I had too . I compared LOWI p3d orbx to LOWI msfs and the difference is overwhelming . To me flying ,"and I have over 150 hours actual flight time " is as much if not more about the visuals .If the two could merge I'd be happy .I'm going to miss the q400 and fslabs 320 ,but hopefully not for to long . VFR around my home and doing circuits using landmarks that I've actually used is awesome . I've supported P3d and all its add-on suppliers for a long time . Also the ability to just fire it up and fly is sublime ,with P3d I had to start everything first weather,AI ,ground services ect , and with all the scenery it still doesn't come close . Mind you I have had a pretty seamless install, and if I be reasonable with my scenery expectations regarding my PC's power it runs smooth . Granted the aircraft in the box aren't the greatest but either are stock P3d aircraft ,which I think I only ever used briefly .I do think people forget how Xplane and P3d also lack decent aircraft straight out of the box ....The good thing is competition between developers is good , as better software standards will be set .
  17. from what I've experienced in the sim they just don't work . so to fly over runway centre and join midfield having tried to establish wind strength and direction via windsock is a while away ... I'm loving this sim , however I think its really early access , and should have been priced like all other early release games/sims .Or they need to fix it asap
  18. Hey thanks for the look . Was there a reason you didn't do any daylight flying in the video ?.Perhaps that would have showed the cockpit detail a little better .Just saying
  19. I used stream deck for a while ,it was ok .But I've moved over to a button box much easier to use and works better for sim racing too . There is a few videos out there on setting it up ,be prepared to get frustrated and use other software to get it to work .My opinion more trouble than it's worth ... check the prepar3d "tips ,tricks and How to's" forum it has the information you seek ....
  20. Hi ,I don't have the A321 ,However I do have the A320 and A319 .Does anyone know when and if the A319 will be P3D V5 compatable ? Thanks
  21. the only reason I say orbx be happy is to stop it continually trying to update it and then it not being in the sim. thank you for your help
  22. I may have sorted it .....trying to repair in add remove it wanted Installer_SODE_v1.6.3.msi .so downloaded that and installed it .then updated to 1.7.1 and its saying sode registered .now to see if orbx central is happy with that .
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