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  1. I have the old version of both RAAS.
  2. After I load FSX, it freezes then CTD's with freeware scenery airports. (sorry wrong fourm)
  3. HI, I have freeware scenery (with payware addons PMDG,etc) and after loading FSX it CTD's I tried to reinstall FSX and still crashes PLZ HELP!
  4. asianwings

    Crash after loading

    After loading up FSX, it crashes on "Initialization of system 10%".
  5. Every time I update aircraft (737,777, 747) via the Operations Center, it wont update.
  6. the main panel is blurry that i can even read the text, HELP!
  7. asianwings

    Panel blurrry

    Thanks byork!
  8. asianwings

    closes when exit to menu

    When loading to the FSX menu after exiting a flight , it closes (with the 737 NGX)
  9. asianwings

    closes when exit to menu

    Anymore answers?
  10. asianwings

    closes when exit to menu

  11. asianwings

    closes when exit to menu

  12. Bought fs2crew for the Airbus and it says the aircraft does not appear to be installed but i do have it installed since last month! HELP!
  13. Specs: Intel Core i3-4000M Intel Graphics 4600 4GB RAM 2.4 GHZ
  14. asianwings

    P3D vs FSX SE

    Hey. So I own FSX SE and I want to buy P3D but im not sure which one to play
  15. Any good payware planes and developers?
  16. asianwings


    just download a fsx.cfg and try it out :)
  17. I'm just wondering how to update because i'm new.
  18. Just bought 747-8 and it says i don't have 747-400 2.10 installed (i have v3).
  19. asianwings

    Model dosent appesr

    Just installed Fs2crew for the Pmdg 747 and it says i don't have it installed HELP!