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  1. HI, I have freeware scenery (with payware addons PMDG,etc) and after loading FSX it CTD's I tried to reinstall FSX and still crashes PLZ HELP!
  2. After I load FSX, it freezes then CTD's with freeware scenery airports. (sorry wrong fourm)
  3. After loading up FSX, it crashes on "Initialization of system 10%".
  4. Every time I update aircraft (737,777, 747) via the Operations Center, it wont update.
  5. the main panel is blurry that i can even read the text, HELP!
  6. When loading to the FSX menu after exiting a flight , it closes (with the 737 NGX)
  7. Bought fs2crew for the Airbus and it says the aircraft does not appear to be installed but i do have it installed since last month! HELP!
  8. Specs: Intel Core i3-4000M Intel Graphics 4600 4GB RAM 2.4 GHZ
  9. Hey. So I own FSX SE and I want to buy P3D but im not sure which one to play
  10. just download a fsx.cfg and try it out :)
  11. I'm just wondering how to update because i'm new.
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