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  1. FuriousBird

    LPV approaches for online flying

    First flights here with extreme prototype GLJ25 paired with F1 GTN750 (also newly bought for the magnificient LJ25 from XP). I fly online and i was not aware of the GTN database not updating frequently...2 flights until now (one to GOBD, which is a new airport and one to SBRJ santos-dumont) and on both of them i was limited with the GTN. GOBD is new, so ended up doing a VOR navigation and once there execute a GTN free approach. But that was nothing compared to SBRJ which was a total mess 😄 I want to forget that experience! I was also using newest charts since i got the navigraph cloud subscription so they clearly cannot all work together. One solution would be to use database from 1611 for everything (chart, flight planning..) and put the database you are using in remark section to let the ATCs know about your situation. Regards JP
  2. Hey all, for those in terrible need of west african airports, FSDG released Dakar LITE-series for 8,00 euros (GOBD - Blaise Diagne) which recently replaced GOOY (Leopold Sedar Senghor airport) for commercial operations. A big thank to them for supporting such underrepresented areas in the flightsim world! Paris - Dakar here we go 😎 Regards, JP
  3. FuriousBird

    Spinning clouds?

    +1 :D. I live with it...even stopped being bothered by this Detail. JP
  4. FuriousBird

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    6 flights here since i got the bird. I use the weather radar on the ND with active sky and Skyforce textures (only using sky colors from asca) and had no problem at all. My experience is very good, add to that i'm heavy VR user. My computer wants to scream for help sometimes during extreme weather conditions like my last flight over bangkok on ivao during a big event with lots of pilots and lots of strange holding patterns but everything stayed rock stable...This is on a 7700k / 1080 Ti system (388.59 nvidia driver), 16gb Ram, Win 10 P3dV4.2. Or am i just lucky? JP
  5. FuriousBird

    Oculus Rift Down Worldwide

    Due to this issue where i first though my rift died (spent an hour Debugging), i gave up then did my afterwork flight in normal 2D. I really missed my rift for take off and landing (pmdg ):/. Back to constant mouse panning was just horrible.... It was just after the flight that i googled the error message to find out it was global and i am now glad it was fixed. I´m not sure what to do with the 15$ oculus store credit but it is welcome. JP
  6. FuriousBird

    OK Prepar3D V4.2 is out!!!

    Hi Dave, Thank you for your support. I wanted to report that i accidentally found the problem (it was high time). I gave up trying to make single pass work since i did not want a full reinstall and moved on next task which was to update URP1.1 to the 1.2 public beta paired with reshade. After lot of head scratching with that new task i just decided to remove urp and reset the default shaders (through the URP1.1 menu). I then ran the sim and tested the look of a PTA preset. Since it was looking fine i decided to see all that through VR. Once in VR, it seemed too smooth for the usual stereo mode. I checked the vr menu and noticed that it was actually single pass mode. So for my situation i suppose it was some shaders issue with ultimate realism pack. Hardware is a 7700k - 16Gb Ram - 1080Ti - Win10 build. Nvidia driver is 388.59 Regards, JP
  7. FuriousBird

    OK Prepar3D V4.2 is out!!!

    Hey all, I went back to driver 388.59 and it didn't solve my problem...i get pitch black screen with only strobe/navi/papi lights showing (only in single pass view). Regards, JP
  8. FuriousBird

    OK Prepar3D V4.2 is out!!!

    Hi, normal Stereo and mono are working fine here. However, screen turns all black when switching to single pass rendering :/ (only strobe lights visible) with some moving red lines....I am using driver 390.77 (latest). Regards, JP
  9. I just tried this beta. Awesome...I can finally have charts on board perfectly readable (adjust zoom/distance and placement). I use the navigraph charts desktop app with moving map. It would indeed have been good to be able to resize, move the windows from p3d vr directly instead of switching to the dash (which doesnt show where exactly the window will be placed in your cockpit environment, so its a bit of a guess work to get to place it down the left window in the pmdg 737). I believe its actually possible to interact with them if the touch controllers can be used in native p3dv4.1 (i couldn't see them active in the cockpit at all...). Regards, JP
  10. Yes i did and still see Spinning clouds... Like others mentionned i also Kept using native VR. The most useful Feature i like about the native is the ability to Switch between 2D and vr easily (vr for taxi and take off/landing and 2d for pre-flight / in-flight and descent preparation and taxi in Major airports). It´s plenty enough for me for my type of flying (vatsim/ivao with pmdg heavies) and Performance is very good (all scenery sliders to normal which is also plenty enough for my taste, shadow draw distance high and shadow Quality low + building - Vegetation etc receiving shadows). Water is on Low...and the sim is still very good looking in Vr and 2D :). The few times i could experience Performance Problem in vr in a pmdg aircraft in loaded Environment (mostly happens in heavy weather), i just accept to Switch to mono mode instead of Stereo and Keep enjoying the ride. JP
  11. Ok an update on how i solved my case, for anyone having the same problems: I had URP installed and thought by only clearing the shader cache and restoring the original shaders (through PTA) , it shouldn't have caused any issues. But i actually had to completely uninstall URP. Cheers, JP
  12. I am planning to install the REX soft clouds and see what happens
  13. I was very happy about this information until : indeed strange... These spinning clouds were major problem for me but unfortunately can't test flyinside demo yet because of fatal error after loading... For information i still have spinning clouds in native P3DV4.1 VR. Regards, JP
  14. Hi all, i am one of many who experience this crash after selecting a flight and loading the scenario in FlyInside. FlyInside Fatal Error Encountered (-2005270523, 0) Rendering\D3D11\D3D11Context.cpp: Line 117 Did it happen to any of you and how did you eventually fix it? I tried: 1) Removing prepared.cfg and let the app generate a new one, allowing flysinde do its changes in the config file at startup. 2) Removing the shader cache (i have PTA and read about possible issues with FI) 3) Setting in Chaseplane to not auto-start with P3D and start p3d without it. Running Nvidia driver 385.69 in Windows 10. GPU is a GTX 1080TI Kind Regards, JP