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  1. Well, that seems to have corrected the landing runway. But, the departure runway is nearly always wrong. The flight plan will say 27 right and the radio directs me to 9. That happened at both Heathrow and Manchester
  2. I make a flight plan in Little NavMap. I designate an ILS runway. I start the sim. I load the flight plan. The flight plan reflects the correct ILS runway. I load the same flight plan into Pilot2ATC. The flight plan reflects the correct ILS runway. I start the flight. The GPS reflects the correct runway. But when I get close to the destination, I start getting ATC vectors for a completely different runway. In Pilot2ATC configuration I have UNCHECKED the three "ATC Assigns" things. I have also CHECKED the force runway thing. Does anyone know what is wrong? Thanks. Michael
  3. Same problem here with Ryzen 9 and 4090 card.
  4. Why am I getting another "activation" message? Why? Says it's on "another machine." NO, it isn't.
  5. Thank you. I also found that sometimes I can "tweak" the MSFS version to match whatever LNM has and get away with it. Just use the dropdowns for approaches and such. Leave en route alone. Seems to work. Thanks again. Michael
  6. Alex: Something must be wrong with mine. I just did another one in Spain. For simplicity, let's say the ILS last leg was at 360 degrees, which is correct. So the final leg is north. I exported to MSFS 2020 format. All options were off. I imported the file into Pilot2ATC and again the last leg was still at 360 degrees. Correct. When I brought the same file into MSFS, the LOG says that the last leg is 360 degrees, but the in-game "map" shows a completely different track, in a southerly direction. And I didn't change any of the drop-downs or anything in MSFS. I don't see how the MSFS version can be so dramatically different. Thanks again, and sorry to bug you about what must be a rather simple problem. Michael
  7. When I use the Travel To command, I get unusual results. If I Travel To the Descent, I’m typically off course quite a bit. But then the ATC gives me a vector that takes me even further off course than I already was. Seems like the ATC should do something to place you back on the original course or something like that, I’m not a real pilot so I don’t know for sure.
  8. Alex: In reading that text that you sent me, it seems that it may be impossible to obtain what I was looking for, namely, a precise way of going say, from LNM to Pilot2ATC, or to MSFS and always having complete uniformity in the result. Looks like variances are almost inevitable when trying to do this. Might just be the nature of the beast(s). Thanks again. Michael
  9. Alex: Here is the text of the file. Thanks. Michael <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <LittleNavmap xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="https://www.littlenavmap.org/schema/lnmpln.xsd"> <Flightplan> <Header> <FlightplanType>IFR</FlightplanType> <CruisingAlt>13000</CruisingAlt> <CruisingAltF>13000.00000000</CruisingAltF> <CreationDate>2024-04-10T19:31:15-04:00</CreationDate> <FileVersion>1.2</FileVersion> <ProgramName>Little Navmap</ProgramName> <ProgramVersion>3.0.6</ProgramVersion> <Documentation>https://www.littlenavmap.org/lnmpln.html</Documentation> </Header> <SimData>MSFS</SimData> <NavData>MSFS</NavData> <AircraftPerformance> <FilePath>Beechcraft 36.lnmperf</FilePath> <Type>BE36</Type> <Name>Example Performance Profile</Name> </AircraftPerformance> <Departure> <Pos Lon="16.242676" Lat="38.909035" Alt="30.00"/> <Start>PARKING 4</Start> <Type>Parking</Type> <Heading>8.0669</Heading> </Departure> <Procedures> <SID> <Name>GIRO7R</Name> <Runway>28</Runway> </SID> <Approach> <Name>LIBV32L</Name> <Runway>32L</Runway> <Type>CUSTOM</Type> <CustomDistance>3.00</CustomDistance> <CustomAltitude>1000.00</CustomAltitude> <CustomOffsetAngle>0.00</CustomOffsetAngle> </Approach> </Procedures> <Waypoints> <Waypoint> <Name>Terme</Name> <Ident>LICA</Ident> <Type>AIRPORT</Type> <Pos Lon="16.241669" Lat="38.908333" Alt="30.00"/> </Waypoint> <Waypoint> <Ident>ULKEN</Ident> <Region>LI</Region> <Type>WAYPOINT</Type> <Pos Lon="16.039169" Lat="39.614998" Alt="13000.00"/> </Waypoint> <Waypoint> <Ident>SIRGI</Ident> <Region>LI</Region> <Type>WAYPOINT</Type> <Pos Lon="16.703613" Lat="40.130558" Alt="13000.00"/> </Waypoint> <Waypoint> <Name>Gioia Del Colle Mil</Name> <Ident>LIBV</Ident> <Type>AIRPORT</Type> <Pos Lon="16.932999" Lat="40.769669" Alt="1148.00"/> </Waypoint> </Waypoints> </Flightplan> </LittleNavmap>
  10. Everything happens just as you say. The warning I get is the standard warning that says don’t use the options. If I use the options, all three, I get a screwed up looking flight plan. If I unselect all the options, I still get a screwed up looking flight plan. I should tell you that what I’m trying to do is select the approach and the runway in Little NVM, and that seems to be the thing that causes all the errors is there someway I can send you the actual saved flight plan and you can see what’s actually happening in the application? Thanks for your help. Michael
  11. I have been trying for a long time to export a flight, complete with approach ILS, runway, selections, etc. into Microsoft flight simulator. I can’t seem to do it. I keep getting that warning then I unselect the options then I don’t get the approach. If I leave the options selected, I still don’t get the approach. Is there a simple way to do this?
  12. I didn't put them on an actual "switch" as in joystick switch, if that's what you mean.
  13. Yes I mapped the keys. On mine I use Alt+Space bar. Has been in use for the last month or so.
  14. I have been using Reverb G2 for a number of months without issues. But now, when I opt into VR in MSFS, I endlessly go in and out of VR. Switches in and out every two seconds or so. I do not have this problem with other applications. DCS for example works fine. Only MSFS is doing this annoying activity. Anyone know what is wrong? Thanks. Michael
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