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  1. The Cameraman lol (At thumbnail pov) Also @Steve Dra can you send me a private message? I can't DM you...
  2. Yeah I understand the point. I'll then say that don't expect any announcement within the next 3 months.
  3. I can assure you that all our team member agreed to announce it only on release. That way, no disappointement in delays!
  4. I know, you might see some stuff soon enough though...
  5. The reason is that we want to officially announce it when it's ready... We don't want to deal with questions of release dates 😁
  6. I can assure you it is not from them. The team developing the one I'm refering to has a lot of experience in development for MSFS/and or other simulators.
  7. Yes, I can assure you the new PC12 from the group I'm refering to is making good progress! (Sorry for late reply)
  8. Nope, another group! Carenado is doing the first gen, the group I refer to is not making the first gen version!
  9. Hello, I know a high quality one from a well established team is coming.
  10. Yes, in a way the winglet is useless at some point, because I'm sure almost nobody will see the difference, other than the fuel consumption, but it is still present, Westjet is fitting them to their fleet... It is like the zibomod, if you know that, they put the three varients to their 737-900 Ultimate...
  11. Complete new addon. Its name is NG3. It is an "update" of the NGX, but a different addon, if you look it in another sense. The way they describe the technologies that they will bring to the NG3 sound like they will model the MAX series
  12. There's one in Quebec, at CYHU : Chrono Aviation, a carrier who make charter flights...
  13. more than dead, more and more developer starts to go away from FSX... If there's one in FSX, there will not have the same functionality as P3DV4, so it would be a very different plane...
  14. Well, it's might be more complicated than you think. The -200LR and the 300ER have been developed at the same time together, so it's like the same generation for those. The -200ER is an older generation of those ones. So, yes they did complete the 777 if you are thinking of that generation of 2000. They are popular, but they are maybe more difficult to do that model. But, would you prefer that they do the -200ER right now or work on the NG3, GFO and JS4100 ?
  15. Well, yes it can be, that's why I said it COULD be a reason not to, I didn't mention it is the reason... The reason that it won't be profitable is that a lot of person like new stuff, instead old planes... Try to compare to either buy the new 787 or the Super Constellation, which would you choose ? It's the same thought as phones, everybody wants the newest phone, instead of iPhone 6 or 7 that they already have, they go buy the iPhone X (well, that is the case in Canada around my city, everybody go buy the latest phone...)
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