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  1. But: In the real world we sometimes use IFR waypoints for vfr flightplans! In case of vfr flying, the associated altitudes does not matter. Of course, we do not fly complete procedures, but we use single waypoints.
  2. Yes, you were right, there were some error messages. The message said, my cruising altitude is to low for a chosen waypoint. But in vfr flying, those ifr altitudes does not matter. Would it perhaps be possible, that LNP just ignore that waypoint altitudes, when my flightplan is in VFR mode? I only like to see, if my cruising altitude and descent path fits to the terrain.
  3. And by this way, could you maybe please have a look into the msfs API, if you could also show multiplayer aircraft in LNP? I can see my plane and a lot of AI Traffic, but I can't see the planes of my buddys ín our groupflight.
  4. Hey Alex, I have another idea, which I think is sometimes very useful. Acually we can start measurement lines at VOR, NDB, Waypoints or simply everywhere. But they are static! I would love to have the ability, to start measurement-lines at my aircraft and to a fixed point. And this line should follow my plane and be redrawn, whenever my plane gets redrawn. This is useful for VFR flying to permanently see course and distance to a given location.
  5. sometimes I got a incorrect vertical profile, like that: the destination Airport has an elevation of 2929ft, but it does not show it in the diagram. Whats the problem here?
  6. Hey Alex, I would find it really useful,if I could see the wind at the selected airport in this panel: Nothing serious, but convenient! And also here would be great!:
  7. Good Morning, I have a little wish for a new LNM option: You built in the option to mark addon-airports, which are not recognized automatically, since the cfg file is encrypted: I would really like, if they could treated exactly as addon airports in the search dialog, so that I could filter for ADDON-airports: And also I would like, that they work with the ADDON-Map filter like this: okay, I can see the outer yellow circle of the user-marking, but nicer would be, when the inner part appears as well, like for the "normal addons":
  8. Could someone of the Moderators/Administrators please have a look at this problem? Its VERY annoying!
  9. Sorry for my late answer! Yes, of course, the "keep me logged in" is checked! And even I get logged out every time and I'm unable to relogin. Its says evey time my passwort is incorrect. And for every Login I need to reset my password, which is VERY ANNOYING!! Maybe there is something wrong with the boards cookies? I have used may forums in my live and I'm still using several forums. But I never had such a problem! Its only with AVSIM.
  10. when I think about that, there must be a way to get more informations. GSX is able to get informations about parking positions, taxi lines and so on out of this .bgl's!
  11. ohh ok. but perhaps this would be enough to mark this sceneries as ADD-ON in the Map with that yellow circle around the symbol?
  12. Hello Alex, I have another little wish for a future version of LNM. It would be awesome, if I could see the "course to steer to the next waypoint" ..... .... next to my plane on the LNM-Map Display, like this: I think it would be useful to have the option to setup this here: there actually already is a "Steuerkurs", but its a different one. greetings and a healthy new year to everybody Burkhard
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