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  1. Hey! There is a nice feature in LNM that shows me all my addon airports with a yellow circle. Also I can use this in the search function. But there is a problem: We have several encrypted airport sceneries. And LNM cannot show them to me as "Addon" with the yellow circle. So I have a suggestion to implement a function where I can right click on any airport and check an "Addon" option to treat this the same as the addons in the scenery library that come with the search function being found. Also I should be able to uncheck the "Addon" option. It would be great, to have these function!
  2. I was about to ask for the same feature, which I'm wishing me for long time. But great to hear, that you will implement it soon! 😀
  3. an example: Lets say the minimum speed for Flaps up is 230kn, Minimum Speed for Flaps 1 is 180kn. I'm in descend phase below 10000ft at 250kn and the next waypoint has a speed constraint of 200kn. The Aircraft is now decelerating until it reaches 230 and correctly stays at this speed to avoid stalling. And now I deploy Flaps 1 and the aircraft continues to decelerate, but it NOT keeps the 200kn constraint. It decelerates to 180kn. And so on. Each time, I deploy the next level of Flaps, it decelerates to the flaps minimum speed and does not respect the speed-constraint in the CDU Flightplan. This is really annoying, because each time i have to intervent by manual speed selection. And I cannot imagine, this is like the real one. I remember, at one time this problem was not there! Can you please have a look at that?
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