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  1. Sorry for this newbie question: how to slow down transition between presets? Setting transition time as no effect. Thanks in advance for your answers
  2. OK it's my mistake 🤕 Eveything work OK as long as the ND brightness setting are correct
  3. Hello happy pmdg NGX flysimmer, I can't get the WXR working . I have ASP4+pmdg 737NGX for P3D4 and I try to find if the issue is with ASP4+ ASConnect or with pmdg. I fly in heavy storm without any display on the ND. On the NGX, when I proceed to test the radar ( pushing the Test button) I don't see the 3 colors test scan on the ND. Is it because of a bad communication with ASP4 or do I miss something in the pmdg setting? Thanks in advance for ay advices. Peterandrew
  4. I achieve a flight (KIAD-KALB) from C&D to C&D .With le last package and the win10 own x64 sound drivers I now have a normal behaviour of the FO. Thanks again for your help
  5. I follow your recommendation and it looks that you pointed out the true issue. A first test gives 1.2 mn for Electrical power up with APU instead of 3 mn; for the "prepare aircraft" procedure it takes now 5 mn instead of 13 mn. I'll continue the testing Many thanks
  6. I'll try to change the realtek sound drivers to windows sound drivers. Anyway, with realtek audio divices, the voice recognition works perfectly as indicated by the red writing in the upper left corner of the window.
  7. I use a conventionnal headset with 3 mm jacks. The sound device is the Motherboard sound chip (Realtek)
  8. First test of the new package: "Electrical Power up with APU" : 3 minutes "Prepare AIrcraft" : 13 minutes So not much differences with the previous package and always about 10 to 20 seconds between each actions. All the best
  9. Just to mention that Ralph observation is right. I test the "ELECTRICAL PROCEDURE WITH APU". The flow hangs; each time I call "attention" the FO execute the next step. Without doing that I've to wait up to 30s to have the next step executed.
  10. Thank you for your answer, Yes I configure and press the PTT for MCE. I'll check if MCE.ini can be tuned. Anyway MCE+PFE are a great addon
  11. Thank you for your answer, I run P3D4.3.29, MCE, PF3, GSX and Navigraph on a pretty decent computer ( windows 10 64 bit, Intel Core i3-7100 CPU@3.9GHz, 4CPU core, 8GB memory). The aircraft is the pmdg 737NGX for P3D4. The FO voice I used is Lorna. Slow actions from FO occur during the Flows, not during the checklists or the direct actions (Set Heading xxx, Set Altitude xxxx etc..).This happened repetitively during the flight from Houston to New Orleans (Loockeed Martin versions, not 3rd party airport), at ground and airborne (I experience a long AFTER TAKEOFF FLOW for instance). PF3 works flawless with FO having the radio ( I can't find the way to speak directly to ATC, it's certainly my mistake). I'll verify the affinity mask affair and try to find those "Pause=whatever" in the flows. Best regards
  12. Hello all, I'm a new MCE user. I find out that the FO is very slow to execute his flow: apparently one action each 10 seconds or more. So slow sometimes that it seems that I'd better do the job myself. Is it normal and is there a setting to have the FO acting faster? regards
  13. Hello all, I'm a newbie MCE user. Having PF3 and MCE connecterd is really a huge improvement in sim realism. Asking FO to handle com works OK for me; anyway if the ATC message is too long, the FO start to acknowledge before the end of the message. I can't speak to ATC ( after having request "my radio"): FO try to interpret my message to ATC as a demand to him. Is there a summary of how to use properly PF3 with MCE? Happy flying
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