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  1. Hi Guys, I have now got the Little Navmap "contact ((user:The DJ)) if you want to maintain OSMdb and /or the wmflabs OSM tiles server" message but can't find the suggested post or find a solution. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Sorry Alex, bad news! It's just as it was before before. INstalled V.2.6.7 and started up an hour ago and started to do a flight plan starting at Key West, then saved it. That went well. Also did some tweakings in the options. Scenery library and GLOBE all installed correctly I think (no GLOBE error message this time) It seemed to be good. However started just now - my flight plan appearedin a text window. Although the world was on, there was no detail on it. After a couple of seconds a CTD. A second attempt same result. ???
  3. Alex, I just renamed the ini file, restarted LNM which was ok, then changed the ini back to the default description John
  4. Alex, Dont know whats going with the emails sorry (Sent from Win 10 Mail which came up when I clicked on your link from your manual, generally use Outlook as a rule????) I didn't remove the ABartell file. Anyway it's looking good ad the moment, though not done the globe and scenery library yet. Thanks for your help
  5. My version 2.6.7, has caught the CTD bug. I start LNM, which loads the world but then displays the "Globe elevation not valid" warning followed by an "Information" window with details of KEYW which was the first airport I had selected previously as a flight plan Departure Airport. Why does it show this? It seems to have stuck on this for some reason. Cancelling this window then causes the CTD. I tried uninstalling/reinstalling several times to ne effect. Also tried V2.6.6 which did not solve the issue. It crashes to desktop every time now and is usable Any ideas?
  6. Ok thanks Alex. Both my online friend and I seemed to recall that we did indeed see us both a few months ago. Must be our age! It was great on XP11 though
  7. Having successfully flown online with my friend in MSFS 2020 and using LNM on a second screen - a new issue has come up. Despite both of use checking all relevant multiplayer settings in bothe FS and LNM, we have suddenly stopped seeing each other in the LNM map. Some time ago this wasn't an issue, he was onmy map and vice versa, so I suspect an FS update? Could it be we've got something set up wrong?
  8. Updated to 2.6.3 and having issues with map zooming. It seems unable, at least for a lot of the time, to remain fixed at any one zoom setting. Eg I set it for a close up, then seconds later it jumps right out to give almost a global view. This occurs both when using the mouse wheel or the plus/minus slider bottom right. Also, what happened to the map/centre aircraft button? I seem to recall it was there earlier? This function is very erratic when you ctrl/altA sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't Any ideas?
  9. Does weather on LNM connect to live weather on MSFS on not? According to the V2.6.2 beta changelog notes it doesn't. But it also suggests to use NOAA as the weather source for "up to date weather reports" A flight across India with MSFS live weather gave indications alternating between showing a wind speed and no wind, so what's going on? Coming from xplane/lNM/Active Sky, which all synced perfectly, it would be nice to have the same facility on LNM
  10. I'm sorry folks but I'm still not able to figure this out for FS20202. I appreciate it's still a work in progress, but can anyone help me with:- 1) Load Scenery Library? Where is the scenery config file? 2) Tools - Flight Sim Connection? 2 options are connect to XPlane or remote flight sim via Little Navconnect? (Hostname and port required) 3) Weather? Weather source? Wind source? 4) WEb Server? Document root directory? Port Number? I can start the web server which then says where it is running and the IP address. Used to like this on XPLane and would appreciate help!
  11. Upgraded to V2.0.3 and now see that the yellow wind indicator and speed at the top of the map has vanished. If it's a setting that needs tweaking what is it please?
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