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  1. I have found a remedy. It is to uninstall prepar3d once and delete everything named "prepar3d" on drive c.
  2. this is log https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XECDoMf4iyzh-Os3VcyaHbs2XG7UM2Qw/view?usp=sharing
  3. I tried the video procedure, but there is no change. I will submit complete log.
  4. I was able to confirm that 3 packages are displayed, but it has not changed yet.I will try reinstalling from "applications and functions".
  5. I found such a description in the log file. [2E54:1C50][2018-09-04T23:44:50]w355: Unable to register source directory: C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\{A43BF6A5-D5F0-4AAA-BF41-65995063EC44}v6.10.1129.0\, product: {A43BF6A5-D5F0-4AAA-BF41-65995063EC44}, reason: 0x80070645. Continuing... I do not know, I want your help.
  6. photo I reinstalled add-on and prepar3d, but it does not work from this screen.
  7. I can not read English, but I confirmed that file <? Xml version =" 1.0 "?> <configuration> <startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy = "true"> <supportedRuntime version = "v4.0" sku = ". NETFramework, Version = v4.0" /> </ startup> </ configuration> " Although it was written, is this normal?
  8. When I start prepar3d the title is displayed, but it does not proceed from there. So I checked with Task Manager "Direct x Diagnostic Tool" is running.Help me. CPU corei5 4690 GPU GTX1060 6G add-on GSX QW787 TechnoBrainRJTT
  9. 15_carbon

    p3dv4 X pmdg 777 737

    I apologize that my question was inadequate. What I purchase and use is Prepar3D v4 Academic and os is windows 10. The zip of Prepar3D v4 Academic is written as
  10. 15_carbon

    p3dv4 X pmdg 777 737

    Tell me specific solutions
  11. 15_carbon

    p3dv4 X pmdg 777 737

    When I try to install it (installation cannot continue. your registry does not show a valid prepar3d(tm) instellation location.) will be displayed. I tried it many times, but I can not do anything. Request a solution