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  1. Been making a few tiles now! Reason why it uses bmp is because P3D SDK´s resample cant handle jpeg´s sadly! One thing I cant get to work is seasons - guess it depends on the source? Summer, fall, spring and winter images needs to be available right? One other issue Im trying to sort is how to mask out default airport areas etc since the alignment between default airports and the ortho scenery rarely match up so u get dual rw´s, taxiways etc. Ideas?
  2. Been making some Ortho4p3d - just qurious - what´s the reason for that it´s downloading .bmp instead of jpeg like the native ortho4xp software? One ZL18 image file becomes roughly 48Mb instead of around 2.5Mb when using jpeg. Possible to change some config file so it downloads jpeg´s and converts them instead to bring the final .bgl files sizes down a bit?
  3. Trying to assign my left thumb stick on my xbox one s controller for looking around in VC but cant find were to assign that?!
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