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  1. Spookytooth

    co-pilot not working

    Hi, not true that other users have no problem. I have it, and I am quite certain that all P2A and ToLiSS A319 users have it, at least that's what it seems to be the case by checking ToLiSS's xplane.org support forum. In my case, when I change the frequency manually in the aircraft radio, it automatically changes in P2A as well, but not the opposite. Would be nice to have this resolved between the 2 devs. Thanks in advance!
  2. Spookytooth

    I'd like to have...

    Thanks Dave!
  3. Spookytooth

    I'd like to have...

    Hi Dave! First of all, thanks for an excellent product and for your superb support!. Please allow me to submit a request: I'd like to have the option to request a change of flight level by typing it, instead of verbally requesting it, since I don't have the time to "train" P2A to understand my non native English tongue. Same goes for all communication that requires speech, I'd like to be able to communicate using only the keyboard. I don't know if it is feasible to implement this feature in an upcoming update, but I think it would be nice to have. Thanks again. Vassilis
  4. Spookytooth

    Can't select SID

    I have the same problem, where can I find to fall back to it?
  5. Spookytooth

    Crashes and freezes

    Hi Dave! Seems that it just needs it time. I discovered that if I start P2A before Xplane, then it takes 1,5-2 mins to connect as you said. From there on, it works flawlessly! Thanks dor the excellent support! Vassilis
  6. Spookytooth

    Crashes and freezes

    1.About 50-60 % Cpu, 45-55 % RAM and disk is negligible (1-2%). 2. Hmm OK maybe I was not clear about crashes and freezes. I meant P2A crashes to desktop in rare occasions, but it very frequent freezes, totally unresponsive for more than 10 minutes. 3. It takes longer than 2 minutes to connect (sometimes even more). I even reinstalled XPUIPC, no result. 4. By log file you mean xp11 log.txt? Thanks for your support!
  7. Spookytooth

    Crashes and freezes

    As I said in my 1st post, 16Gb
  8. Spookytooth

    Crashes and freezes

    Thanks for your reply. Most of the resources by far are consumed by Xplane and P2A. There doesn't seem to exist any app that may inhibit P2A running smoothly.
  9. Spookytooth

    Crashes and freezes

    Hi. I am experiencing frequent crashes and freezes with the latest 64 bit version (as with previews version), to the point that it is almost unusable for me. I have 16 Gb of RAM installed. When it does not freeze or crash, it takes too long to connect to the sim (xplane 11) or to respond to requests. Any ideas?