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  1. With hard and soft mute on it doesn't pick up anything. I am just upgrading to v5 at the moment, so no access to the sim, but I will check the FMA callouts once the sim is back up running.
  2. Hi Bryan Sorry I was away a few days. I do have RAAS installed but not using it with the airbus planes as the real ones don't have this system installed, or at least the airlines I am flying :-) So no, that can't be the source. When the system hears runway it's only triggering the FO to say checked. I didn't notice any other action from the FO side. It's just annoying when you hear 4 or 5 checked shorty behind each other for no reason.
  3. Hi Bryan I am coming back to you once for more for this issue. I bought a brand new mic and tested it with the FSL bus. It works like a charm and no false runway calls are picked up. However in the PMDG 747 it still does happen, even with different mic positions around my mouth. I noticed it gets worse when I do 2 flights in a row without sim restart. On the 2nd flight it sometimes picks up 5 or 6 runway callouts in a row, even when it's 100% silent in the room. This just started happening after upgrading to version 2.0. Did something change there?
  4. I checked that again, it seems like sometimes a breath gets picked up though
  5. Only the "boost" for 10db higher output, nothing else.
  6. Hello Bryan It happens even with speakers off and the sound only at very low volume over the headset.
  7. Hello Bryan Thank you, I will try when I got the time to do so. That is the strange thing, it's silent in my office, nobody talking or any sound and it still picks up stuff. Only one microphone attached. Very strange.
  8. Hi Bryan Since a few flights now I have the problem that fs2crew keeps on picking up the word runway out of nowhere. The problems happens in the 747, 737 and the FSL airbus. Never had this before. It happens even if there is absolute silence in the room and all volumes turned down. Any idea what could cause this? Dani
  9. Good morning gents Has somebody already used the thrustmaster airbus tca quadrant with fs2crew? I might imagine that it could cause problems if you ask the FO to gear up, but the gear lever on the quadrant stays in down position? Dani
  10. Hi Bryan I know set and checked word. Was just an idea for a further release 🙂 Not saying you got that wrong there. I will focus on the fuel panel after landing during my next flights and see if I can spot something.
  11. Good morning Bryan Isn't the transfer used if 1+4 are higher loaded than 2+3? I am not asking for a command to set it to XPNDR, more for the correct phrase to say during the checklist? PM: TCAS PF: Code checked, here we should say like XPNDR, but only standby or TA RA Traffic are valid options. Dani
  12. Hi Bryan I got 2 questions today: What is the trigger for the FO to set the FUEL XFER Main 1 and 4 button to on after landing? I had it more than 1 time that I landed in fuel tank/eng config and all fuel tanks were balanced. Then to FO set the FUEL XFER to on after landing which resulted in a fuel imbalance warning shortly after. 2nd questions is regarding the Transponder TCAS item in the before start checklist below the line. When in the departure menu the ADSR-X is set to on, the FO sets the Tcas switch to XPNDR which is correct. However there is no voice command for this settings? Only standby or TA / RA Traffic are possible voice options? Thanks for looking into this. Dani
  13. Disregard, I thought this was the FSL airbus forum
  14. Hello again I may have found the problem, Smartcars updated itself few weeks back and they do have a PA function as well which was active. Now I switched that one off and checking again.
  15. Hi Bryan I was able to catch that unwanted PA today. Is this a FS2Crew PA? Or does PMDG have there own somewhere?
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