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  1. That's what I am asking myself as well 😉 The volume is not really high to be honest and also the setting in vpilot is not maxed out.
  2. I got this problem as well, especially when flying online and there is other traffic speaking with ATC. It happens even if I switch my loudspeakers off and have the sound only on my headset. During some phases of the flight it's just not practical to engage hard mute.
  3. Hello When I do takeoff with my 747-8 I get short runway aural warnings. This happened on several runways which for sure are more than long enough. When I take off with the 747-4 I do not get the warning on the same runway. Any ideas?
  4. Headset is perfectly fine, when I do a test recording it all sounds perfect. Also voice chats on discord and vatsim atc understands me well. Will try delete the voice profile.
  5. Hi Bryan I am using Fs2Crew a lot for my FSL airbus, my 747 and 777. I did 3 voice trainings sessions and was always happy how FS2Crew understood me. However in the last few flights (with Airbus an Boeing) I struggle more and more and my commands are not understood in a strange way. Instead of Affirmative it understands , seven five center, seven two and things like this, not even close. Also with short words like set, on or off I struggle a lot. Any idea from your side what could cause that? Maybe a bad windows update? Should I do another speed training maybe? Dani
  6. Hi Bryan Normally I always use the PF events, so never came across this until this week I was short on time and skipped the PF events. How do I get the FO to do his Pre-Flight Flow? Dani
  7. Hello again Tonight the mode was in before takeoff checklist, when I started my taxi. The flight control check was already performed at this point.
  8. I will double check that, but for sure the flight controls check was already performed before I started my taxi.
  9. Bryan Something else I noticed, the FO is no longer responding to my break checks.
  10. In europe on nearlly most airports the controller want you to be squawk stby until you reached the runway and go back to stby after you left the landing runway. I know in US often you leave transponder ON until you reach parking Position. But that's exactly what the ASDEX Option should be for. What is the config option ASDEX doing at the moment? What do you expect to be different between asdex off and on?
  11. Good morning Bryan In my opinion it should be like this: if ASDEX is set to NO, then the transponder switch (top left switch off the tcas panel) stays in STBY, also the TA/RA switch stays in STBY. When the user sets ASDEX to YES, then the Transponder switch goes to AUTO or ON and the TA/RA switch stays in STBY in the taxi flow. That's the difference between Airbus and Boeing, with Boeing all Transponder and TA/RA are in one switch, plus it needs to be activated on the EFIS to be shown on the ND. Thank you.
  12. Would you mind to double check that, because I never use the start clearance. And for my understanding for ASDEX to work the transponder needs to be set to on. The TARA function is without any benefit on the ground anyway. So it doesn't make sense to toggle it on ground before lining up. In my opinion the ASDEX option should deceide only if transponder on or off.
  13. I fully agree, can you just clarify what the ASDEX function actually is supposed to do? If set to NO, the transponder should stay in Stby right?
  14. ASDEX is set to NO already. Before updating to 1.4 I didn't have this Problem.
  15. Hello again Wing lights is copied. So which settings should I use that the transponder stays off until I line up?
  16. Hello Bryan Two questions: When is the FO supposed to turn on the wing light when the otion "use wing lights clb/des" is selected to yes? I have the option ASDEX (Vatsim) set to No, but since upgrading to 1.4 the FO still turn the transponder on (mode charlie) in the taxi flow. Shouldn't that stay in stby until lining up? Dani
  17. I know, I was just thinking it may be added as a user option. As the later apu start is.
  18. If I can add another wish: It would be nice to split the approach checklist (as it's done in the after takeoff climb checklist). So all the items except the altimeter could be done earlier and just after transition level we do the "below the line" part which would be altimeter only. Especially when flying in europe the transition Levels can sometimes be very low.
  19. Hello again Ok thank you. Seems I was too impatient with my FO. Checked it today and he does set it at FL100. For my personal liking that is too late, I like to have it in BLW for the whole descent to see what might be below me. Also the seat belts coming on only at FL100 is a bit late for my personal liking. One other thing I realized is that the FO starts his parking flow once taxi light is off and parking break set. But if I have to stop during taxi (for a crossing traffic for example) I would also be in that state, but will continue taxi later. Wouldn't it make more sense to use a different trigger? Dani
  20. Hello Brian The Tcas * ALL" i Cruise is activated. My problem is that the FO never switches to BLW before or during the descent?
  21. Hi Brian I like to have the TCAS set to ALL duiring cruise. Is the PM supposed to set it to below for the descent or will this be my task as PF? Dani
  22. Hi Brian Coming back to you. I know was able to run Make Runways and all the files were generated as they should. Is there anything I still need to do, to activate the "new runways" in RAAS? I tested in LSGG, RAAS still calls out rwy23 instead of rwy22. Dani
  23. Hello Bryan Allright, thanks for that suggestion. Is MakeRunways actually still needed? I thought I read somewhere (a post by you?) that after the RAAS update it will not be needed? When I updated RAAS last night and clicked on the update checker within RAAS and it said my version was up-to-date, even it was clearlly not from the version number? I then downloaded and installed the new one anyone. Dani
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