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    I fly props (mostly) and i love aerobatic, endurance flying also the ground loves me when in high winds

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  1. Lets pretend i ''bought'' a new plane to do this as i find it easier in a Piper cherokee PA-28-160 for the sake of realism. Finished leg 2 really windy and bumpy El Prat- Toulouse As i spent nearly 10 minutes in the El prat airport i spent no time getting out of the airport to get to Toulouse in time made a nice landing, it was fun cause i got to go sightseeing in the mountains between rance and spain I will be posting legs from time to time cause i dont have the time to write all of theese down Pictures/flickr: Mark
  2. So as im a Latvian and currently live in Spain i decided to do a tour from my local airport in Spain located roughly 600-300km from gibraltar to the air field in my hometown (Talsi) in Latvia. (I downloaded FS2004 scenery so i might have to land at Rīga intl or Liepāja intl) as i hope to get a sponsor for this tour (i will accept any and put it on my plane it will cost though) for now i will be using the default aerosoft DHC6 twin otter liveries Begining the tour leg 1 i spent roughly 3 minutes at San Javier just to get out of there as fast as possible. I spent 1:30 hours in the air with just enough fuel to make it. I managed to land at El Prat, spent 10 minutes trying to find parking, i gave up after 10 minutes and i found the nearest closed off space just to park Flickr:
  3. Righto baton free at ENLK (please save the 25nm and 20nm leg for me cause im gonna stress test 2 of my aircraft)
  4. real trackign cuase my dueenna crashed due ot me pressing hte parking brake
  5. I have the baton ENST-ENLK F4U Corsair last flight before i knock out from needing sleep Tracking:
  6. Baton free at ENST
  7. ENOL-ENST in an f4u corsair (Surprised you managed to land at ENOL in a 73 roman :) ) Tracking:
  8. Stoley

    Script errors in FSX:SE

    Thank you Jim that worked for me
  9. i have yet to find the issue but im gettign allot of script errors with the FSX default home page it starts in
  10. Flight aborted due to Duenna issues and i wont be flying till i will be able to fix it all
  11. i have the baton ENMS-ENOP in an f4u corsair
  12. Stoley


    *Broken T-6 Texan addon* check *no joystick for the formation* check alright im all set
  13. welp i guess someone else has to do the flight i just did cause its kinda buggy with the F4U im using aka the only plane i have with enough fuel for bassicaly anything
  14. oh ty didnt realise that was mandatory
  15. Baton is free at ENVA (theres an error with the airport where the runway is water but it was fine cause i managed to land it )