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  1. Hello everyone, This is my first post in the forum because I came across this topic and found out that this problem has not been solved to help people having this problem with P3d V4+++. Anyway without wasting time, for persons who has been having this problem, this is not LM issue because these guys has been trying to update P3d for better simulation. It is Microsoft issue especially Windows 7 up till windows 10 which is the latest OS from Microsoft. Flight simulation up till this day has undergone a lot up updates, new software from different vendors trying to make it to look realistic. Texture is one of the main focus on most vendors (photo real Scenarios "textures")ORBX,FTX and so on. Flight Simulation is not good with windows Prefetch and SuperFetch because of the real photo scenarios that require a lot of CPU,HDD and GPU in other to have a smooth gameplay with flight simulation. Prefetch and SuperFetch is not good to completely disable on OS system but to tweak this follow these steps: Go to HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Memory Management \ Prefetchparameters Change it 2 default is 3. (2 - Boot Prefetching enabled). Also do the same in SuperFetch parameters but this time change it to 1 default is 3. Go to HKLM \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Session Manager \ Memory Management \ SuperFetchparameters 1 - Enable SuperFetch for boot files only. Now close "Regedit" and restart P3d. Post if your problem is solved. Happy Flying.
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