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  1. I am resolute to make this a respectable payware airport on my own with Wed and Overlay Editor. I have to agree that making scenery like this is really not easy and it takes a lot of man hours and knowledge of coding but these guys should really offer some support. I have started to mess with it and I am making some good strides with it but the problem is that even if I get it to be an awesome scenery I will not be able to share with you all because its payware. Who knows maybe I will start to work on the Gateway version of it and make it a good variation of it. As far as I know no one is working on a new scenery for KMCO.
  2. A380 developing for P3D and XP11. That would be great news.
  3. This is great news. I really hope they start to make a great impression on those that have not tried XP11.
  4. Urban Dictionary - Bruh - Slang for Bro as in Brother. Potato PC - Cheap, low key, bland pc. Yolo - You Only Live Once. Used as a term.
  5. Agree with most posters here....you will need a high end machine to give you some respectable FPS. Take a look at my system configuration below for a fairly respectable reference point. Note - machines can get brutally complicated depending on how much you push but for a decent playable experience with reasonable add ons you will need something in the range of 4.2 Ghz on the CPU.
  6. Have you tried Windows 7? I am not really sure why you are experiencing that issue. I run Windows 10 pro 1709 16299, what version are you running? I am also on FSX-SE and have 6 add ons running with the Aerosoft A318/319 pack as well as several payware airports....no issues. Run Winver on your machine and see what version you are running, see if there is another update available.
  7. So this is the second time that I experience this issue. (keep reading, I will explain) I have an FSX:SE installation with the A320/321 installed as a DLC, I have also bought (big mistake buying this from Steam) FS2C for the same add on. After I experienced the issue the first time I reinstalled my entire OS (I was experiencing other OS issues). I went to Steam and downloaded a fresh installation of FSX and the rest of my DLCs. All worked ok for about 3 weeks until the same issue started to occur again. The issue? No NDs when launching the bus from cold and dark state (see Screenshots). However when I switch my default state to "Turn around state" the ND lights up as normal BUT my FPS counter drops to 1. Yeap, that's right 1 fps and never comes back to life. Please note that the sim does not freeze, its just extremely slow. Same thing happens if I select the "Turn around" state as the default.....the plane loads (extremely slow and the FPS counter never increases from 1). See screenshots i have already ran the simconnect from both locations, FSX SP1 and FSX RTM and the EULA agreements come up, I agree to them and the installation flows through. I then start FSX again and the issue remains. Should I run the Simconnects before launching FSX everytime I want to fly the A320? Some other things to note - I am also not getting any "barking dog" sounds at all when starting up or when I am turning on the PTU. ECAMs work fine with no issues as well as both MCDUs. I have the A318/319 birds installed as non DLCs (I bought them from Aerosoft) and those do not have any issues for now. I also have RAAS that comes with the 318 pack and from Steam I have ASN and the A320 pack both as DLCs. I have posted this on Aerosoft's Forum and I've received no help whatsoever. What do you guys think? Any help is appreciated.
  8. Hey guys did you ever get any support on this? I just bought the latest version of T2G KMCO, is this update to be done on the latest download from SimMarket? I agree their support is not good but they really did an amazing job with the scenery.
  9. Atlantic Sun airways. is a great US VA with hubs at Denver, Orlando, Boston and Amsterdam Schiphol. You can fly online of offline depending on your choice. We have a very professional in-house ACARS. downloadable content, repaints for your most popular aircraft payware and freeware. We support FS2004, FSX and P3D (to some extend). Additionally, we are gradually releasing textures for aircraft designed for X-Plane (v10 / v11). Atlantic Sun Airways has one mission... to provide pilots the most fun, realistic, and unique experience possible while maintaining a professional and entertaining environment. Atlantic Sun Airways believes that the most important person in the virtual aviation hobby is the pilot. Come and see why I have been with them for almost 10 years! Atlantic Sun Airways... 'Expect more'
  10. I will do just that next time. I am done with Steam and buying DLCs from them. I contacted them for a refund but it has been a couple of weeks since my purchase, not sure if they will agree on the refund. Thanks for your reply Dave.
  11. I few weeks ago I went on the Steam store and very excitedly, I purchased the FSX:SE Aerosoft A320/321 DLC. It said in at the end of the long narrative that the RAAS professional DLC is not available with this pack. I thought....oh well big deal. Recently I have visited the Aerosoft site to check on their products and I find that the same exact pack WITH RAAS is avaialble for sale at the SAME PRICE!! Steam is selling the add on pack with the A318/319 with RAAS for the same price as the other pack on Aeroosoft's site. What gives?! I feel like I have been duped!! i could've gotten the same product with RAAS for the same price!! Am I missing something here or do you guys agree with this situation? I do not care too much for RAAS, if I can be honest its a bit annoying to keep hearing the voice if someone telling me what I already know but as far as principle and purpose of financial efficiency this ticked me off! http://store.steampowered.com/app/356960/FSX_Steam_Edition__RAAS_Professional_AddOn/ https://www.aerosoft.com/us/fsxp3d/flight-simulator-x-steam/aircraft/1792/airbus-a320/a321
  12. EXPIRES TOMORROW 12/20!! VIRTUALCOL is havinga 30% off the packs on the SimMarket site. The sale expires tomorrow! http://secure.simmarket.com/virtualcol.mhtml Granted they are not the best models out there but they are respectable for the regional lines. Go get them while you can!
  13. I really wish I could be there. Looks like its going to be an awesome event.
  14. Welcome to the hobby and have lots of fun. I have been flying the virtual skies for close to 10 years....you will find a lot of wisdom here and lots of people willing to work out the glitches, frame rate drops etc. Welcome.
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