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  1. Good afternoon, I haven't flown the sim in several month. Did a VFR flight today in the C172 and tried to enter a destination using the Direct To button in the G530 but it didn't work. I couldn't get the GPS to let me enter specific letters nor numbers. Is this now a known problem using the GPS in this aircraft? In the past it worked fine. Any thoughts? Mike
  2. That was the issue. I changed it to Azure and it is now working fine
  3. After the update, my system seems to be running just fine with one exception. Using the C172, and after getting taxiing instructions from "Ground" and stopping short of the active RW, I asked for takeoff clearance from "Tower," The verbal reply is very weird. Tower starts to give me clearance using the normal expected verbiage, but about 1/2 way through the response it it adds some strange words and numbers (including the word microsoft) that don't seem to make any sense, but after that it does clear me for takeoff. When I hit (1) to acknowledge the clearance, the response says the correct clearance without repeating those weird words and numbers. Has anyone had the same ATC issue? If so, have you found out a way to stop this strange "Tower" verbiage? Mike
  4. Has anyone questioned Asobo and/or Microsoft why the green & white flashing civilian airport beacons are operating in daytime VFR conditions? They should only be operating at night or during the day when the ceiling is less than 1000 feet and/or visibility less than 3 miles. Mike
  5. Glad to see that it (always) seems to work for you that way. That said .... I will remap both of these switches like you've done. Thanks! Mike
  6. Good afternoon (from Colorado), I have the Honeycomb alpha yoke and recently received the bravo throttle. My question concerns flying the C172 with the steam gauges using both of these devices. I recently installed the driver to get the LED lights working on the bravo unit. When I only had the alpha unit, I used the large red button on the right side to turn on/off the autopilot. Now that I have the bravo unit, I've used its small autopilot off/on button as well and sometimes still use the alpha's red button for that purpose. Most of the time I have no problem having that autopilot off/on mapped to a button on both the alpha and bravo, but sometimes I do and no matter which I press to turn off the autopilot, it stays on. I realize that in the real plane one can turn off the autopilot several ways (by just turning the unit off, by pressing the smaill red button on the left handle, buy pressing down both trim buttons on that handle ... and should none of that work, one can always pull the fuse out the autopilot fuse on the panel). FYI ... yesterday I was approaching an airport to set up for the landing and tried to shut off the autopilot and couldn't. That said, when I was close enough to the airport to make the runway I slowed down, lowered the flaps then shut off the battery and alternator (to shut off the autopilot). Has anyone else experienced this where you can't shut the autopilot off with the bravo autopilot off/on button? Does anyone know why this may be happening? Could having this mapped to both the alpha and bravo devices be causing a conflict and be the cause? Should I just map the large red button on the alpha to something else? Mike
  7. Hi Matt, Yes... slightly positive until the alternator replaces the used battery current .. then zero. 🙂
  8. Good afternoon... I'm using the C172 w/ steam gauges and the Honeycomb Yoke. After starting the engines (and ensuring that both the alternator, battery and avionics rocker switches are all activated) I notice that the ammeter is discharging instead of being at zero (as it should in the real plane). If I lower the flaps, for just a moment the meter jumps to zero but immediately discharges again. It will remain that way throughout the flight no matter what I've tried. As a real C172 pilot, I find this frustrating. Has anyone else had this problem and, if so, is there a fix for it? Looking forward to your replies. Mike
  9. I've noticed that during the daytime and during VFR conditions those airport beacons are on/flashing and they shouldn't be. Has anyone else mentioned this before with hopes that MSFS 2020 / Asobo will correct this? Mike
  10. Yay! I finally was able to solve today's ORBX update problem. While in the main page of MSFS 2020, I brought up the scrolled listing of all of the installed planes, airports, scenery, etc., that show the version #s and that they are "up to date." I located the ORBX London City addon in that listing (version 1.01 .. which was today's update) then clicked on it. A small tab opened up giving me the option to "Delete" it. (Keep in mind that in the Marketplace, I show it as being "Owned." (so I figure that deleting it here shouldn't be an issue). After deleting it, it now showed that it was "in the library." I then double clicked on that tab and it gave me the option to download it again (apparently from the library). I downloaded the file and it installed, but because it was the same version (1.01) I thought that when I flew from London City, that it may still cause the same error. To my surprise and joy, I found the correct ORBX scenery had installed this time (this update even corrected some of the issues that others didn't like in the original ORBX London City). My guess is that early this morning when I first clicked on the ORBX update tab, even though it appeared to download and install, it somehow got corrupted (thus the original MSFS London City scenery showed up instead). Fortunately, what I just did (above) allowed it to install properly. Hope this may help some others who may have the same issue. Mike
  11. To all: I'm a bit confused about this. Would someone please explain to me: 1) What is the "Community" folder? What is the "Official" folder? Where are they located? 2) What is the content.xml file and where is that located. Thanks, Mike
  12. Good afternoon, On the day MSFS 2020 was released, and after I downloaded it, I downloaded (also from the Microsoft Store) the ORBX London City scenery after first flying in London and viewing the stock scenery. The ORBX addon worked well for me but, of course, I read the multitude of posts in the forums from unhappy people on how this ORBX download actually changed some of the buildings and the Tower Bridge to appear worse than what appeared in the MSFS 2020 stock London scenery. As far as I was concerned, the ORBX scenery was fine. This morning (Oct 5th) when I started up MSFS 2020 (which I hadn't flown for a few days) I saw that several updates were now available (the update for Japan, and ones for the ORBX London City Airport and for the London City Scenery), so.... I downloaded all three of them. I next took off from that airport and flew around London and saw that several things no longer showed up: the London Eye, the ORBX version of Buckingham Palace (instead the original stock scenery palace was there), and the original stock scenery Shard building was again showing up instead of the ORBX version. It appeared to me that this Marketplace update for ORBX London City had totally reverted back to the MSFS 2020 stock scenery. I AM TOTALLY CONFUSED AS TO WHAT HAPPENED and what I can do to get the ORBX scenery back??? Can anyone help me with this .... please? Mike
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