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  1. Thanks mate, appreciate it.
  2. Thanks for the reply, There are buildings in the default scenery, are they autogen somehow? they only disappear if I make any edits in WED. There is a version in the gateway, but it's the old layout from before the airport was rebuilt. So far I'm enjoying X-plane and glad I made the switch from FSX, but man I've found a lot of bugs so far!
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm new to X-Plane. I live in Invercargill so would love to use the Invercargill Airport (NZNV) as much as I can.The issue I have is ATC keeps making me use the wrong runway, I've tried a 3rd party ATC and it does the same. For some reason ATC insists I use a grass runway, even in an ATR-72. I figured an easy way to fix this would be to delete the grass runways in WED, but anytime I import NZNV from apt.dat in either the default or custom scenery folders, it imports the runways, taxiways and traffic flow info, but no buildings. If I edit this and save it, The runways are correct, but the entire terminal building is missing. What am I doing wrong? or is there an easier way to disable the grass runways so I can takeoff and land, with ATC guidance on the main tarmac runway? (22/04)