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    Pilot2ATC stops 'listening'

    Hi Dave, the installer was still in my downloads folder, it is: setupP2A_2405_x64_with_NaveDataPro1706.exe I'm running windows 10 x64 with x-plane 11.05
  2. Peter Biggerstaff

    Pilot2ATC stops 'listening'

    Hi, I had the demo of Pilot2ATC, but just uninstalled it because it wasn't working correctly. Someone suggested I post here as I might get the help I need. My issue is Pilot2ATC works perfectly for about 10 minutes, and then just stops listening to my voice commands. If I manually select a command and click "Sayit", Pilot2atc will suddenly load all the commands I'd been saying, answers them all, then continues to work fine for another 10 minutes or so, then stops again. Its like the recognition engine hangs, and manually using say-it unhangs it for a while, until it hangs again. My 10 day trial has expired so I can't do any more testing, but hopefully someone else has had this issue and you can resolve it for them.
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm new to X-Plane. I live in Invercargill so would love to use the Invercargill Airport (NZNV) as much as I can.The issue I have is ATC keeps making me use the wrong runway, I've tried a 3rd party ATC and it does the same. For some reason ATC insists I use a grass runway, even in an ATR-72. I figured an easy way to fix this would be to delete the grass runways in WED, but anytime I import NZNV from apt.dat in either the default or custom scenery folders, it imports the runways, taxiways and traffic flow info, but no buildings. If I edit this and save it, The runways are correct, but the entire terminal building is missing. What am I doing wrong? or is there an easier way to disable the grass runways so I can takeoff and land, with ATC guidance on the main tarmac runway? (22/04)
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    Importing default airport - buildings missing

    Thanks mate, appreciate it.
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    Importing default airport - buildings missing

    Thanks for the reply, There are buildings in the default scenery, are they autogen somehow? they only disappear if I make any edits in WED. There is a version in the gateway, but it's the old layout from before the airport was rebuilt. So far I'm enjoying X-plane and glad I made the switch from FSX, but man I've found a lot of bugs so far!