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    See the world in person, not just online or in a simulator. Until then, there is augmented reality, virtual reality and flight sim. :-)

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  1. This is all very helpful. Thank you to those who responded so far. Always looking for additional insight as well. :-)
  2. Personally, it looks like FSexpo vultured the dates and time of year based on the previous five years when FScon occurred. Would have been nice if they played nice and had theirs in the fall or something. FScon seemed to take the high road and not schedule FScon the same weekend it had been every year so enthusiasts could attend both if they wanted (based on reading a post by Nicole). Power of choice. Thanks.
  3. Wondering what company (or companies) do you think has the best resources for training to pass FAA tests? Why?
  4. It looks like they are both happening. Got to love when you have a choice. (see my additional responses on the power of competition)
  5. Q: Why should it replace instead of add-to a proven entity? Competition is actually a significant asset for performance, expansion of an industry, as well as diversity. It benefits all involved by demanding a streamlining of processes and product to compete. Consumers benefit by being given choice. Not all things benefit all people the same and therefore having choices can elevate and expand an entire industry. Competition also encourages the adoption of new ideas, products and services created in attempt to have a competitive advantage. Speaking of Las Vegas....having personally worked in the Las Vegas market in the past, there are two kinds of mentality in the city: 1. Crush all competition, there should be only us. 2. Working together, even if your "piece of the pie" is the same (market share), actually grows the pie and everyone gains. The bottom line is an expansion of a market and a winning formula for all involved. Various business models and our freedom of choices in the US are the benchmark, nay hallmark, our our economy. It already seems there will be diversity created due to having two flight sim conferences in 2018. They both seem to be attracting specific niches already, based on my research. I saw the FSCon has partnered with Cockpit-Fest (started in 1999), something that hasn't been done before. The FlightSim market is already expanding. There is room for all to play nice without the political mud slinging I have read. As far as the "We are working hard to ensure everyone knows that this is the only event created and supported by the flight simulation community." It is my understanding that it was an enthusiast wihtin the community that started FSCon also and since both events already have support, this seems to be simply a biased falsity. PS: Love the forum, I am happy, as a new FS enthusiast to have found it.
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