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  1. jonfo

    Cabin Pressure

    Hi all For some reason when flying above about 10-11000 feet I get a red cabin pressure warning on the CAS. I have also noticed that when I dump the pressure and level off my cabin pressure altitude continues to increase. I have spun the knob to set it to cruise alt and still to no avail. Any help here would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. jonfo

    Crosswind Crab Airbus

    Ah, I see. I think a lot of what you describe is where I have been going wrong, which basically boils down to lack of expertise and knoedge around landings. You have definitely put things into context for me and I really appreciate it! Thanks again for the detailed advice and tuition.
  3. jonfo

    Crosswind Crab Airbus

    While on the topic of landings, when people say "in the flare, look to the end of the runway" what does that actually mean? What is it that you are looking for at the end of the runway? I've never really understood that.
  4. jonfo

    Crosswind Crab Airbus

    Can't thank you enough for an extremely detailed and descriptive response. The comments you have stated make absolute sense and I will be sure to watch the video and also make the corrections you have suggested. I think, as you say, I am over doing some of the inputs into the controls and massively overthinking the entire approach. I will give it a go and try to include as much as what you have said as possible. Thank you once again!!
  5. jonfo

    Crosswind Crab Airbus

    Thanks, I will definitely take a look at this.
  6. Evening I have been trying to perfect my crosswind landings to absolutely no avail. I'm flying the Aerosoft A321/A320. Could somebody give me some advice on the crab maneuver please. When there is a crosswind, I am attempting to point the noise into the direction of the wind in an effort to get that angle where the aircraft will fly straight. However, when I do this, the aircraft will never fly in the crab position. It drifts to the side I am pointing it into, thus, into the wind. Then, when I try to correct by turning into the opposite direction the wind together with my aileron cause me to drift to the opposite side. Does a 'crab' mean to dip the wings into the wind and then straighten them or turn and leave the turn? Then, because I am concentrating so much on the attempt at a crab I then end up ballooning the aircraft at the end and landing way left or right of the centre line. I know that rudder is required just beforetouchdown to straighten the nose up on landing but my crab position is way off before I even get to the runway. When I have played back the landing you can see the aircraft dipping from left to right far too much than you would see in a RW crosswind landing. Any advice here would be appreciated.
  7. jonfo

    EZDOK V2.6 Not Cycling Correctly

    That was it. Thanks! I really should have thought of it properly ha.
  8. I actually have just changed my max surface visibility to 45 and min to 0. Not sure why but it has made a highly positive impact on the in game fps too. I assume your reference to the current METAR was also relevant and it must have been linked to the current weather. Hopefully that is the issue sorted now. I did also change the cloud draw distances: Max - 80 Min - 60. Thanks
  9. This morning I have made some changes to the ASN settings. I'm away from my PC at the moment. I will post my settings later on. It seems to have had some positive impact in the very short test I conducted. Thanks for your response.
  10. I am having this issue with ASN. The haze and fog seems to always be present. I am unclear as to which settings I should change in ASN to fix this. Any suggestions?
  11. jonfo

    Carenado S550 Autopilot

    Apologies cbreeze, I had not logged in for a while and have only just seen this post from you. Did you ever manage to work out your issue? Would be useful to know the result, hopefully you got one.
  12. I have just purchased the new EZDOK v2.6 and installed into FSX:SE. I am trying to set up the camera sets with some of my aircraft. Aerosoft A321 at the moment. I am able to set up all of my cameras correctly with various settings however, I am not able to cycle through the views in the virtual cockpit category. When I use the preset 'A' key it cycles through the cameras that you can see when you right click the mouse button and highlight cockpit. I have also assigned a joystick key to 'NEXT CAMERA IN CATEGORY' this does the same thing. I have deleted all of the preset cameras in the EZDOK Virtual Cockpit window too. I have looked through the Youtube videos that people have suggested but they do not address my problem. Any suggestions or help? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for this - makes a lot of sense. I have made the necessary changes in the NI now and think I am all up and running.
  14. Thanks Jim - I do have an Intel Core i7 however, I have always used tweaks and had quite good performance. That said, I have just found this AVSim tweaking guide and as you say, no tweaks are advised. I will run both to see what results I get. As Steves fix builds tweaks into the fsx config, do you advise deleting the config after using his DX10 fixer and then running or is it best to keep these in?
  15. Hi all I had not played FSX:SE for a few months. When I started a few weeks ago whenever I pressed fly and tried to go into the actual sim all I got was a black screen. I did some research and found that I had to select the 'Preview Direct X10' option in the settings menu of the sim. This worked. However, I have now tweaked my Nvidia Inspector and fsx config file according to In this guide it states that these settings will not work when this box is selected. I am still getting the same issue after my compleet un-install and then re-install. Like I say, I have tweaked this and still the black screen presents. To clarify, my sim works when the box is ticked however, I am assuming that my tweaks will not be functioning due to the guide I followed. Desperate for some advice on this one! Thanks in advance.