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  1. Drat, I just updated to 5.4 and have only one more leg planned to complete a journey in the B-314 before switching to the B314-A. Perhaps I'll try and downgrade back to 5.3 for that occasion, though I hate to take the risk of that sort of thing. Please let us know if any possible workarounds emerge. This seems like potential support trouble since 5.4 is liable to become the defacto "standard" P3D version for the next years. (This assertion based on my impression that most of the more complex current add-ons are compatible with 5.4 as-is but not necessarily v6, since most developers are not providing updates for P3D products). Nonetheless I appreciate your testing with the latest P3D versions, since it's rare for us still-P3D users to get much attention at all these days! Enjoying the 314!
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