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  1. Drat, I just updated to 5.4 and have only one more leg planned to complete a journey in the B-314 before switching to the B314-A. Perhaps I'll try and downgrade back to 5.3 for that occasion, though I hate to take the risk of that sort of thing. Please let us know if any possible workarounds emerge. This seems like potential support trouble since 5.4 is liable to become the defacto "standard" P3D version for the next years. (This assertion based on my impression that most of the more complex current add-ons are compatible with 5.4 as-is but not necessarily v6, since most developers are not providing updates for P3D products). Nonetheless I appreciate your testing with the latest P3D versions, since it's rare for us still-P3D users to get much attention at all these days! Enjoying the 314!
  2. Thank you pumsti, I had the same issue and this helped me. P3D recently requested to be run with admin credentials (not sure why), so P2ATC PTT also wasn't working for me without focus.
  3. I just noticed the hotfix was posted just now, so I downloaded and installed it. After installing it, I am able to load approaches normally for the airports I mentioned. Great! Sorry to waste all our time haha! Thanks for the continuous improvements to the software!
  4. Greetings, I'm evaluating Pilot2ATC and generally am impressed by it, but I'm having problems with the approach functionality. As background, I live in Alaska and do a majority of my virtual flying in the state as well. I realize this is probably a different sort of instrument environment than the typical Pilot2ATC use case. Before testing, I updated the nav data in Pilot2ATC to Navigraph AIRAC cycle 1802 using the Navigraph FMS Data Manager. For my first flight, I tried an IFR trip from Fairbanks (PAFA) to Nome (PAOM). For this flight, I manually added a SID but no approach. I did check "ATC Assigns Approaches" in the configuration. However, ATC didn't assign an approach or issue a descent clearance as I reached the end of the flight plan. I next tried creating a simple flight plan along V440 from Nome to Unalakleet (PAUN) and manually adding an approach. I am able to enter the routing via the airway. But when I press the APPR button to add an approach, the approach panel never appears. Instead, I just get a "spinning" mouse pointer. This continues even if I wait for an extended period. I see similar behavior for other smaller airports in Alaska even though each I have tried has multiple instrument approaches. Flight plans in other areas seem to work correctly. For example, I entered a flight plan from Austin, TX to Dallas (KDFW) and was able to bring up the approach panel and add an approach normally. I'm also able to select approaches for major Alaska airports such as PANC (Anchorage), PAFA, and PAJN (Juneau), as well as some small GA airports in the lower 48. It seems there is something particular about smaller Alaskan airports which causes problems. Any suggestions? Many thanks in advance! Ryan Biggs
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