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  1. VPACC

    An era of new vehicles in FSX

    Yes, we are aiming to model IDA on both the nose and the aft of the orbiter we named the MPEV, once it separates from the lifting body there will another on the back end.
  2. VPACC

    An era of new vehicles in FSX

    Eventually yes, its primary use is with four crew simpits and we have been experimenting with these as we build. The vehicle design was built around the need to use it as an inspirational and educational tool and having to achieve a wide range of mission architecture from a single cockpit.
  3. Ladies gents a friend and I have being modeling a new vehicle for a while now, we are not pros at this by any means and somewhat new to FSX scene. However we are interested in pursuing this model to help us with an edu nonprofit. Wondering if anyone would be willing to help us on this project to square away some annoying little issues? We called this the Seraphim and we have been building it with both the up coming SpacePort FSX mod and traditional FSX in mind. An SSTO runway to orbit composed of three parts we refer to as the ODEV system Orbit Delivery and Exploration Vehicle.