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  1. Hello guys, I am working on a scenery (DNYO) I made ground poly for the runway and taxiway with Sketchup3D and converted them with MCX ( layered the textures properly ) but in FSX some areas of the poly weird, the texture kinda got torn which makes it to look so bad. I guess the problem should be coming from MCX.
  2. I know that, I can't find the line that should be edited in ortho4xp.cfg, and also I cant see any box like BUILD FOR ESP.
  3. I can't find this line "ESP_resample_loc=F:\\ortho4xpvm\\resample.exe" in Ortho4xp.CFG and I couldn't find "Build for ESP"
  4. Airlinetycoon, if you are talking about the default building that is on the road, I added the building myself 🙂 There is something like a toll gate there, I couldn't get the information on what exactly the road passed through so I decided to add the default building on the road.
  5. Hello, I am trying to improve my skills in scenery building, I am good with the AFCAD and I can make photoreal scenery. I want to make realistic ground texture ( taxiway lines, Tyre marks, dirts ) like payware sceneries, I found out many people use GMAX to do the job. I don't know how to use GMAX, It is kinda complicated 😞 Is there any other 3D software I can use to do the job in a easier way or can I use Sketchup3D. Any help pls 🙂
  6. Can I run it ? Intel Pentium 2020m @ 2.40ghz 8gb DDR3 Intel HD Graphics 2000 ( 32mb dedicated graphics memory ) Windows 8 single language
  7. Thanks, I am have a Low specs PC, I barely run fsx at 25fps 😞 I would love to run P3D and Xplane but my specs are too low for it.
  8. There is a building there. I think it a tunnel or so I made the airport from satellite image, and the road passed through a building, so I just used the building to replace it. :)
  9. Hello Fellas, Is there anyone who makes repaint for any of the following FSX Addon Aircraft. *Wilco Feelthere 737 PIC Evo *Wilco Feelthere E-Jets (ERJ135/145) *Aerosoft/DA CRJ900 *Aerosoft Airbus A319 *Majestic Dash 8 q400 I need some liveries, I have searched for them in different site, I couldn't find any. If there is anyone that can make a repaint, pls help me.
  10. The default building you talking about here, it is the one the road passed through ?
  11. What problem are do you have with the scenery ? Is it only the black boxes you found in ADE ?
  12. Oh, it is normal because I used external objects and you haven't added them in your ADE Library objects. Compile the Airport like that, Compile it to Abuja scenery folder and remove the afcad bgl for fsx from the folder.
  13. The New Dakar Airport GOBD, I will also add it to the list of Airports I wanna make 😉.
  14. The black boxes, is that what you found in your P3D or the Afcad design tool you are using ?
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