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  1. I don't remember, but I'm pretty sure I overclocked it slightly after purchasing (it was 7 years ago, no changes after that). After some calculations and thoughts about my budget I decided to start with replacing HDD with SSD and adding some more RAM (up to 16 GB), and I'll try to stick with FSX. As for GPU, I think that it's still too weak for FSX since it wasn't king of the hill at times when FSX has been released, But I'm not sure that I coul afford 1070Ti right now so maybe I'll stick with 1050ti instead. What do you think?
  2. So just to be clear - does VoxATC handle traffic from JFTG or not? If it does, I should buy it right now
  3. Hi! I want to migrate to P3dv4 from FSX, but Mrs HomoPrintus will not be very happy, if I'll spend a ton of money to buy new PC. Right now I have I7-2600K, 8GB RAM, GTX550 Ti (1GB) and 2TB HDD. Now I get 15 FPS in P3D v4 without any eye-candy addons. So I have 2 questions and hope for your help: 1) Doing stage-by-stage upgrade, where should I start - buy new GPU, or SSD, or CPU? 2) My motherboard only support PCI-E 2.0, would it damage the perfomance of new GPU (I want to go to 1070, for example)? Thanks in advance!
  4. Does it mean that UTbridge will work for UT2? I thought that whe new version of Voxatc was released, old UTbridge became incompatible to it
  5. Hi! I've recently purchased VoxATC and still wait for UT Bridge to make my UT2 working. But then I've read this forum and it seems that it might never happen. Any news from developer? Does anybody seen him alive recently?
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