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  1. Hi, Yesterday I bought the Qualitywings 787 and did a flight with it from LHR to JFK and discovered a problem I have never had before, with Active Sky. It is very frustrating because it happened 5 hours in to the flight and I only had one hour to go. My friend has this as well and he haven't got a solution. So, P3D crashes to desktop and a few secounds later I get an error from Active Sky saying: Error! AS_P3Dv4 cannot control ambient weather parameters correctly, thus it cannot function properly at this point and will shut down. Please make sure you have proper rights/ownership of the Program Files (x86) folder and have trusted/excluded AS_P3Dv4 from your security software, as well as the simulators as_srv folder and included .dlll modules. Does it have something with the Qualitywings 787 to do? Thank you in advice.
  2. CAP320

    GSX disappear from addon menu

    Okay, thank you all for your help. I will try all these solutions that you gave me and try to fix it. Maybe I should’ve posted this in the FSDT Forum instead, sorry.
  3. Hello, when launching P3D v4 GSX isin't working and I can't get up the menu by pressing Shift + F12. It also dosen't show up in the addon menu in the top. This happened after downloading the latest installer of GSX. I am not using GSX level 2. I have tried to install with anti virus off but it didn't work. Help is really greatful.
  4. Alright i'm getting really word not allowed off right now. I have had this problem a long time now and it just looks so awful with no buildings or trees while on approach. I really hoped Lookheed Martin should fix this in 4.3 but nope....
  5. CAP320


    Ok, hope that it's the latest driver update that's causing it then...
  6. Hello, I've been having a big issue since I updated to P3D v4.3. After being in the sim for a while a message comes up and says DIXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED. What is causing this? I have uninstalled nvidia inspector and have updated all of my drivers via GeForce Experience.
  7. CAP320

    Long loading time PMDG 777

    Thank you for your answer. I have high reolution terrain textures unticked, so it might not be that.
  8. I have the same problem. If I lock my fps they are dropping very much, so thats not a alternative for me. This problem didin't exist in previous verisions of P3D v4, I wonder why Lochheed Martin have chnaged how the autogen loads. Hope they will fix it in future updates.
  9. CAP320

    Long loading time PMDG 777

    Hello, When I load in a scenario in the PMDG 777 it usally takes 1 minute for it to load up to 80% but then it stops there for like 5 minutes and after that it loads in slowly. Is there any way I can fix this? I use P3D v4.2