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  1. Hi, I've searched but this is proving more difficult to find than I thought. 😁 I have version 4.1.8 of the REP 172 I have the RealityXP GTN 650 I'd probably like to swap out the 430 for the 650. Perhaps with the 650 on top as #1 Does this mod exist, is it difficult to do?
  2. Ok sorry I'm in over my head. You're right, there is an "OBS HSI" keybind... smh I don't know how I missed that "OBS HSI" keybind works perfectly in VLOC & GPS! so no problem after all. 😁 kinda interesting that "OBS1" and "OBS HSI" can turn the same knob.
  3. I don't believe so, because when I disable the 650, the obs1 key bind works with both VLOC and GPS. The only variable is turning on the 650 plugin.
  4. Just started with the GTN 650. I like to use 2 keyboard keybinds to twist OBS1 up and down. On two aircraft I've tested that have an HSI, after booting up the 650, the OBS1 keybinds don't work anymore when the CDI is selected to GPS. OBS1 keybinds do work when in VLOC. I can still twist it normally with the mouse in both GPS and VLOC mode. If I deactivate the 650 plugin, OBS1 keybind works normally again. The two planes are: -default laminar B58 Baron -Carenado Baron with REP I tested the default C172 and the OBS keybinds still work with the 650 in GPS mode Any way to fix this on the Baron? Xplane v11.32r1 RealityXP GTN 650 v2.5.12.0
  5. Well I accidentally turned the computer off last night-- when I turned it on this morning the resample fired up again automatically... This resample process seems to be endless. It must have been running for a total of 8 hours at this point and still going. the cpu is a 4770k, gpus are 2x770's Is this normal....? the log so far:
  6. Hey, I got the latest gitlab version, installed imagemagick this time and it appears to be working. Taking a few hours to resample a LvL 17 plate (all seasons & night) and I see the bgl files being generated in the ADDON_SCENERY folder.....
  7. Yes. I posted a screenshot of the config and the text of the config.
  8. ok, tried a few more times. using Kjj's branch of v130 of course. Ortho4xp.cfg: It's just not creating the ADDON_SCENERY folder I'll post the full log from the black box:
  9. Hey I've used v1.20b to successfully create a few tiles for xplane 11 before. I've never added scenery to P3D. So I downloaded the newest ortho4xp v130 from gitlab, installed p3d SDK from here https://www.prepar3d.com/support/sdk/ and followed the instructions in kjjj's video. Something seems to be going wrong because there are no BGL files and no ADDON_SCENERY folders being created, just some bmp and imf files. I'm really not sure what's going on so I've taken some screenshots of the logs etc. ortho4xp.cfg... https://gyazo.com/06693b571fb6f7ec001cc677c6893825 end of the logs... https://gyazo.com/4c98656a8123dc3df44a57ccfd25ec34 https://gyazo.com/7bc5dfaeedcaab23fd4748d4026cf035 orthophotos folder... https://gyazo.com/7274de41b893070b0c529163f1656998
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