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  1. I wonder what is different about W10 when I installed and your W10s for your two installs. One obvious variable is the patch level of W10 at the time of our respective installs. I have noticed that some games do not, by default, install to the "Program Files (x86)" or "Program Files" directories. For example, Command Ops 2 default installs to c:\LnLGames/Command Ops 2. Orbiter2016 installs to C:\Orbiter2016. I suspect this is to avoid the higher security Windows has on those directories. BTW... Orbiter2016 is a flight sim, both in space and in the atmosphere (Earth's and other planets!) so it is on-topic here, right? It is 100% free, but the quality of both the gameplay and the documentation is as good or better than any commercial game. There is an API, so also tons of free, community add-ons, including other spacecraft & aircraft and panels with navigation tools. Examples: The Millennium Falcon and an orbital rendezvous tool. You ain't gonna link up with the ISS without it! http://orbit.medphys.ucl.ac.uk/ Command Ops 2 has abstract air attacks, so it isn't quite as on topic, but suffice it to say it is a board-style WWII wargame without hexes or taking turns -- it is "real time pauseable". It uses Rise of Flight's pricing model with a free download of the core engine + 3 scenarios. https://store.lnlpublishing.com/command-ops-2-series
  2. I have two sets of disks which both say "Deluxe" on them, but one set is in a box which says "Deluxe" and the other set's box says "Gold" on it. I don't know if the DVDs are marked differently, or if they are the same, and the Gold edition simply combines Deluxe with Acceleration, but does not have different markings on the disks. I got Deluxe as a gift around 2005 In 2014, I bought a used stand-alone Acceleration expansion when I found out it had carrier landings. (If I'd known about it in 2007, I would have bought it immediately!) I later bought two copies of Gold, one as a backup and the other as a gift for a friend. Even though I could have mixed up disks, I am inclined to think dicks 1 and 2 in the Gold edition both say "Deluxe" because it would have cost money to change the silkscreen for printing the disk tops.
  3. Thanks! I tried to edit my original post to reflect this, but I couldn't figure out how.
  4. This was a new system. I assembled the mini-tower PC from components, and installed Win10 from a new DVD. After two FSX attempts and uninstalls, I decided to run the installer as administrator and install to a different directory. Again, before I did this, the install program didn't even ask for a product key. I can't offer an opinion on why you are getting the "Key already used" message, but a guess would be either you have had to reinstall your copy so many times that MS won't OK any more installs, or somehow your key was exposed on the innerwebs. If the install process contacts a MS server to validate the key, then because my installation went without a hitch, it looks like that server is still in operation.
  5. tl;dr: Run the installer as Administrator, and do not install to the default directory. I had a lot of trouble installing FSX on a new machine I built last week. When I googled for a solution, I had the same problems I saw others had been getting -- over the past 2-3 years! But, I never found a solution which worked, even on this website. That isn't to say I never found good tips. 😉 When I installed FSX, it didn't ask for a Product Key, and when I followed with Acceleration. it wouldn't install at all. GRRRRR!!!! The solution is rather easy, once you know what it is. We can blam... uh, thank Microsoft for this. It wasn't enough that they had to rearrange admin tools and screw up the interface. They just had to add system security features which were poorly executed. To install FSX, the steps are (sorry... I forgot how I changed the default install-to directory): Open the DVD's root directory in an Explorer window. Right-click setup.exe and select "Run as Administrator". Change the install-to directory to something other than "Program Files (x86)" or "Program Files". "C:\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X" is a good option. Repeat for the Acceleration Expansion Pack. If you run the Service packs (which is unnecessary if you are also installing Acceleration) their installers should also be "Run as Administrator". I hope this post saves a some people frustration and wasted time.
  6. Hola everyone! First post from a 30-year simmer. My first sims were MSFS from 1989, and Microprose's F-19. My eyes to not align properly because my right eye tends to drift outward. This is the same eye condition Sarah Huckabee Sanders has, but mine is not as severe. It causes double vision because they don't line up, but the brain usually learns to ignore one image. It is still a huge problem because it ruins my depth perception. I can get them to line up, but it is tiring, and I get eyestrain after a few minutes. This makes me wonder if I will be able to use a VR headset at all. As I understand it, using a VR headset requires keeping the eyes forward and looking at objects by moving the head, much like the default "3-D" cockpit view in FSX. For that, if you want to look down at something on the control panel, using a hat-switch on the joystick will swivel the view, but with a VR head set, you simply move your head. Is this correct? What about 3D perception? Any ideas or experience about how this will affect my ability to get anything out of VR? One of the corrections for this is "prism" prescription glasses. In my case, the right lens will bend the light by the appropriate angle, shifting the image so that it lines up with the image from my left eye. Side note: One of my favorite FS activities is carrier landings. I have an old Saitek X52 throttle & JS, and everything is setup juuuust right so that I can adjust everything by feel. I'd love to be able to go from being catapulted off the deck, circling around to 3/4 mile aft, and slamming back down onto the deck & snagging a wire without seeing my den in my peripheral vision.
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