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  1. The 530/430 crossfeed works flawlessly but now I'm bummed that I can't use VOR2 as a backup for approaches it has no glideslope! My goal is to be able to load RNAV on NAV 1 and ILS on NAV 2. How can I replace the second VOR with a working glideslope one just like the top one?
  2. Once I obtain my own .bin file what file and file location do I replace it in Windows to get Reality XP have the current database?
  3. UPDATE: Solved Figured it out, on the settings I has to uncheck the HSI input, while checking the OBS checkbox.
  4. Hey guys I am trying to get the OBS function where you press the OBS button in the 530 and be able to draw a white/magenta line that turns as you're turning the VOR OBS knob. I can get the 530 to draw the White/Magenta line, but turning the knob isn't turning the lines. Airplane is the default 172 with the 530, using the V2 Reality-XP. Anybody know why, and how I can fix this? thanks
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