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  1. Hello dear mods, thank you very much for your admirable work. And thank you for moving the PMDG-subforum to the forumsgroup "User-to-User Supports Forums". But now it's very hard to find the Photo Scenery Support Forum between all these commercial and User-to-User companies forums. I think the Photo Scenery Forum is much more important than the PMDG-subforum and therefor should stand on top of this group. I hope everybody would agree with me. Thanks again Peter (Edit: you might delete this posting if necessary 🙂 )
  2. Astonishing pictures in FS9! Looks very real and impressive! Very well done! 👍 Peter
  3. @kevinh and everybody: I think it's better to discuss this in a seperate thread. Let me give the following answers. > PMDG only added the additional rule of requiring full real names. Partly to help track illegal users ... I'm not a criminal. Only because there are some criminals I don't want to be treated as a criminal or a potential criminal. For the same reason I don't want to have spy-software on my computer like Lefteris Kalamares tried to establish as ethical. And I'm not hiding behind a nickname. I just keep my right to decide for myself who may know my name and who not. If you are sitting in the subway would you wear a big board with your name? Your full real name? What would the other people think about you? And what would you think about persons or companies who want to force you to wear a nameplate in the subway? > Hiding behind a nickname online allows some people to behave badly in a way they would never do face to face. Yeah - Mr. Randazzo thinks, that there would be more respect if everybody writes with full real names. But if Mr. Randazzo does not respect my right to privacy and is treating me like a potential criminal, why should I respect him? I can understand everybody who thinks like this. Nice weekend to everybody Peter
  4. That's a very good idea! So let us turn this thread into a topic about open doors and right of privacy.
  5. I only picked up the humor of PMDG about PBR (pabst blue ribbon) and gave a link to my thread in the screenshot forum. It was this one. And this posting was deleted. So to be allowed to smile about the humor of PMDG I have to proof first that I'm a "genuine product owner"? Or did PMDG have lost their humor?
  6. @DavidP Sorry, I'm in best conditions, I feel fine and I've been very happy until a few moments ago. And I will be very happy in a few moments again. I don't want to discuss in this Roses War, I only wanted to give a sign of my great amazement (and a little amusement).
  7. O.K., sorry for that . . . 😉 Since PMDG moderators have deleted each posting without real first and last name I would say that _they_ (PMDG) have dropped traffic on this forum significantly. Sounds more logical, agree?
  8. What? Being guest for 20 years, leaving the house on own wish, and now complaining that he has to leave the keys and can't make is own rules in this house anymore? If I were the owners of this house I would say: go with God's blessing (but go!) Sorry if I've missunderstood something. Peter
  9. Location: Oahu, Hawaii (in the surroundings of Honolulu) Flightsim: FSX (SP1 + SP2) Aircraft: Bell 47G https://flysimware.com/website/Bell 47 FSX.html Scenery: MegaSceneryEarth Shaders: no Photoshopping / Image editing: no Good luck to everyone!
  10. I would like to have the FS4, FS5 and FS6 running on a Win10-computer. And have some addons like Hawaii, Carribean, Japan, Greece . .. You remember? Do you remember flying through the kitchen? Was boring with the cessna, but would be fun with a PC-21 or Space Shuttle 😍
  11. That's fine! There are so much people wearing weapons . . .
  12. Understand - did hurt you what I said? 😉 Why? 😉
  13. So do I - but there are still a lot of other reasons for not to use P3D 😉
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