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  1. I KNOW I am years behind but I finally bought Pacific Fjords and took some of my old planes for a look around. Here is some of what I captured: Enjoy!
  2. Cheers! Yup, it may look cramped but nothing is out of reach! And once I am in the sim I don't even notice it is a small space.
  3. So, I have finally moved out of the living room into a dedicated cockpit (cupboard!) and I also finally have a dedicated flight sim computer (previously I had a partition on the family computer which was also the entertainment system). The tour of the cockpit is very short and then I take you for my first proper flight. The flight is in the A2A Spitfire around my local area in southern England. Enjoy!
  4. Still learning with Radar Contact but I am having fun trying! A slow and methodical flight using IFR and Radar Contact (at least they are not taking away my virtual pilot's license anymore!). Enjoy!
  5. I have been wanting to visit the Lake District for years in the real world and still have not managed to get there so I took my A2A Harvard up for a little sightseeing in the area! I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed the flight!
  6. That is what I love about Accu Sim! The often unexpected consequences of my bad habit of not going through my checklists! (When will I learn?!)
  7. Had some fun mucking about with the Spitfire! Flying from Abbotsford to Kamloops with ORBX PNW: Hope you enjoy! (More Bruce - less Rachmaniniov!)
  8. Ha Ha!! Not enough Bruce - I like that! There was plenty of sweat lost in this flight! The flight wasnt planned and I didn't really have a video in mind though I recorded anyway. But I was so nervous coming down through that cloud that I didn't have time to say much. The Rachmaninov came to me as I was skimming the waves looking for Alert Bay so I thought - Give a video a go! and it seemed to fit somehow. Thanks for watching and commenting! And, yes, that paint looks good don't it. My freind Redspade is painting them up for a multiplayer flight we are planning - hopefully not in a peasouper!!
  9. Here is my latest video based out of Lydd Airport in the UK flying the A2A Spitfire: Hope you enjoy!
  10. Took the Cub on a simulated fishing trip in northern Manitoba. You better bring some bug spray! Enjoy!
  11. A short fun flight through the Glen Canyon: I hope you enjoy!
  12. Not likely to become a regular experience - more a once in a lifetime kind of flight! Hope you enjoy!
  13. Since opinions and experiences seem to be what you are looking for, the more the merrier! Myself, my computer is not the hot. I have tried a few photoreal sceneries for some places I know and some places I dont know. The Gand Canyon and San Francisco are places I have been to enough to recognise places and Hawaii I have never visited. So at first I was blown away by the photoreal sceneries for all three (I have tried others that were dismal so I wont speak any more of them) but as time went on that impression faded. With the Grand Canyon the images are taken at a particular time of day so as I flew along at different times and seasons the appearance did not change to reflect that - destroyed the immersion. With San Fransisco the auto gen - well, lack of - was the immersion killer. Hawaii (by Flight Sim Jewels) I still use as it is fantastic with very good airports to go with it - but it does hit my frame rates very hard. To compare all of the above to UTX/GEX for the USA I would have to choose the UTX product in general for a few reasons: - easier on the frame rates - one product covers the whole area for all the above mentioned locations - UTX Vector gives very accurate road/rail/river detail for VFR flight as does photoreal so no detriment there. Down sides for UTX/GEX are the costs (and they never go on sale so far as far as I have noticed), and if you know an area really well you will see the buildings are often generic and/or incorrect - for example a small apartment block instead of a barn on a farm next to town. Also if you fly with all the sliders pushed to the right you will start to see a lot of the same objects repeated a lot - like the blue water towers in the praries. The autogen can be compensated for with fiddling but that is a faf... In conclusion it is as others have said, a matter of choice. Try the free stuff first (and I really do recommend Flight Sim Jewels for a look) and see how you feel. Hope this helps a little. PS: If you are flying Bush Pilot stuff you may want to take a look for Turbulent Designs tree upgrade TerraFlora. I picked it up cheap in the sales a Xmas and it made a big difference as now I can turn the auto gen for trees all the way to maximum and bush flying is much better with trees, in my opinion!
  14. Gotta say I don't miss the winters now I am in the balmy UK! Thursday the 11th that would be? I don't know if I will record it but maybe I'll get the old Beaver out for a flight in that blizzard to see how she likes it! (The beauty of historic weather in Active Sky!)
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