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  1. Roger & done. Thank you and I'll wait the update.
  2. I think it's the same as this topic: I have this CTD with 747-8, too. 747-400 and other PMDG Boeings are good. I think there must some network problem with it. (We are all from China, so there may be the same internet connection problems of us.) It's really annoyed problem. The CTD happens 100% in several minutes after finish loading the 747-8, even paused game, stopped scenarios, or changed to another aircraft. It maybe some problems with the EFB. Sometimes trying to search any airport's charts will return "not in database"(I have a full subscription of Navigrah Charts and have no connection problem with their own software). Hope it can be resolved ASAP. We can't fly the 747-8 before that.
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