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  1. Enko did upload it to flightsim.com. Go to their file library and search "Enko" and it will come up. You may need to make an account there if you don't already have one.
  2. Flying with a slight nose-up attitude is perfectly normal. Flying with a highly variable attitude, however, is not. I know someone who's flown the POSKY 777 models to death and he never seemed to have the issue. Also, 250KIAS is sorta slow for cruise speed. Maybe that could be a factor?
  3. okay that's interesting. and no, I didn't report it to them yet, but at least it's good to know that someone else has it so it's not just me
  4. In my experience, I got reply emails from their support email pretty much always within 24 hours. Pretty good if you ask me. They’re also pretty receptive to new information popping up (this is part of how I fixed the issue with my FMC not showing up. Turns out it was a missing MSVCR library that the FMC dll needed to access.).
  5. I was only able to observe this glitch after my initial FMC fix. I did download and install the patched version, didn't seem to fix it. I'll do a clean reinstall of that (I have a nice load of liveries, addon soundpacks, and a freeware GPS installed to the MD-11 😁) and see what happens
  6. So I've found a weird visual glitch with the Sky Simulations MD-11 V2.2: when extending or retracting the landing gear, neither of the main gear doors and the forward left nose wheel door do not open, and the wheels just phase right through them. (pictured below) This happens on all 4 models (both passenger and both freighter models, PW4000 freighter model is pictured). What is weird is that I checked the .mdl files using ModelConverterX and it clearly shows the landing gear doors opening and closing as part of the animation. Even weirder is that I did not have this glitch when using the V2.0 (and its 2.1 service pack). Any idea what could be causing this and how it can be fixed?
  7. (Un?)fortunately, MCAS is not simulated in the TDS 737 MAX (across all variants). No trim issues besides my hair needing one 😁
  8. Delivering a brand new 737 MAX-9 for Orbit Airlines! Taking this bird straight from the factory in Renton to Portland, Oregon to begin revenue service. Many thanks to Enko for making this texture! Parked at the factory surrounded by ground equipment. Weather certainly could be a lot better... Taxiing out of the factory. Hey, there's the Museum of Flight! Lining up at KBFI Runway 32L Takeoff! That was pretty darn quick. Then again, we aren't carrying any pax or cargo... Yeah, this weather could really be better. Beautiful sunrise! And man, do I love the scream of the LEAP-1B engines (I'm using an addon soundpack if anyone is wondering). Descending into KPDX. Weather hasn't changed much...…. I can't see a thing out of this cockpit! Finally I can see the airport! On approach to KPDX Runway 10R. Touchdown! shamelessly using the LRM here 😁 Taxiing to a gate to pick up a bunch of paying passengers for the first revenue flight of this beauty. Parking right next to an Orbit 737-800. Hello, older brother! And now, the plane shall begin revenue service! Thanks for viewing!
  9. This texture is for the V2, yes. You likely have the V1, as the presence of .BMP files would suggest. Textures are not cross-compatible between the two versions
  10. It would be helpful to state what specifically isn't working so it can be corrected. Chances are, it's an easy fix. I know this from a few months of making custom liveries and my own entries to the aircraft.cfg. (I have made a few facepalm worthy mistakes, believe me 😅 )
  11. Just a couple quick corrections: 1. The upper winglet is supposed to orange, and the lower winglet, blue. 2. The blue on the upper part of the engine nacelle should cover closer to half of the nacelle 3. The white wavy pattern on the nacelles should be lower on the nacelle It might be worthwhile to look at some of the Orbit Airlines 737 MAX liveries on flightsim.com as a reference Everything else looks good! You never cease to impress, Enko.
  12. Ive used TDS paintkits as well. They’re great. They give you a lot of control over what you want the final design to look like, but they have a bit of a learning curve to them.
  13. Title says it all. Anyone willing to repaint the Freeware TDS 737 MAX-9 in an Orbit Airlines livery? I’ve seen the MAX-7, MAX-8, MAX-200, and even MAX-10, but strangely no MAX-9. Here’s a 737 MAX-8 as a reference image. Feel free to make your own tail number. IIRC, Orbit’s tail numbers follow a “N###OA” or “N###OM” numbering scheme
  14. I may be wrong, but he could be referring to the DC-10 Air Tankers used by 10 Tanker Air Carrier for fighting large wildfires. Here's an image of Tanker 912 courtesy of Wikimedia commons: Is this the plane you are referring to, CancelSTAR?
  15. It's not Amazon Prime. It's Amazon USDA Choice 😉 In all seriousness, those two look nice, thibo!
  16. Here's the paintkits for the Project Airbus A320 family: A318 https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=148194 A319 https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=148195 A320 https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=186232 A321 https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=159094
  17. Note that you need a texture.cfg file in the, say, texture.fdx folder to redirect the texture builder to the common texture folder. Bascially what the texture.cfg does is tell the computer: "if texture not found, look in this folder" Here's an example of what the texture.cfg file contains Without doing that, you will get black textures all over the place
  18. That wasn’t a landing, man. That was a controlled crash!
  19. Objects in the mirror are fatter than they may appear!
  20. Looks like it should IRL. Too bad I don't currently have access to the ground screenshots I took. As for how it flies, the TR DC-10 has a few quirks to it. It rolls a bit faster than it should, but otherwise, it's pretty steady and landings aren't terribly challenging with it. Once again, nice job! You never cease to impress! 😁
  21. V2 to V2.2 update from SkySim is free providing you still have your activation code from wherever you got it. Updating from V1 to V2, yeah you're gonna have to shell out a few 20's for that
  22. I like what I see (get it?) Can't wait to try this out! Except Orbis uses an MD-10, and the closest thing I have to it is the DC-10. Wanted to maintain as much realism as possible
  23. DC-10-30 Note that the Thomas Ruth DC-10 model allows you to customize the model by entering or omitting certain words from the title= line. See the "important.txt" document or whatever it is named in the paintkit .zip for the complete list First off, already looking very good! A few things that stand out immediately: There is a message in front of the left wing saying: (FedEx logo should not be that big relative to the letters) Zoom in on this image and you'll see it There is a section of lighter blue along the bottom of the tail Blink and you'll miss it, but following the same line as the light blue, there is a section of light gray going along the length of the fuselage until just forward of door 2L and (nonexistent) 2R Door L3 does not exist Another blink-and-you'll-miss-it: there is a singular window forward of the L4 door and one under the "T" in "hospital" between door L3 (nonexistent) and L4 This is chugging along quite nicely. To be honest, this is a livery that is long-overdue. Can't wait!
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