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  1. I recently DLd the "AVSIM Crash to Desktop Guide." Really helpful. I took its advice and also DLd FSUIPC. (I took the freeware version, since the registered version functions are far beyond my pay grade.) But after installing and using, I have some really basic questions (Yes, I've read the User Guide) : 1. It displays remaining VAS alright, but it put a great big green band all the way across the top of my screen. Is this normal? 2. I can get rid of the green band by deselecting FS Title Bar and/or FS Window, which I guess defeats the purpose. Nonetheless, the CTD Guide suggests I also select "Normal Log File," with no explanation. OK, but what does that do? How does one access this supposed file, and what will it reveal? 3. The CTD Guide discusses FSUIPC under "How to Fix Most Freezes/Crashes," and I have seen posts on another forum suggesting that installing FSUIPC actually prevents crashes. Is this true, and if so, how? I get why watching your VAS is useful info, but what does monitoring it do to actually prevent crashes, if anything? IS FSUIPC doing something else? Thanks all, Mac6737
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    New to FSUIPC -- please help

    Jim, I doubt you saw my earlier reply, which did not quote you. Anyway, my remaining Q is: If I go to Prepar3D, do I have to relearn all those keystrokes I've used since 1995? Thanks again, Mac6737
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    New to FSUIPC -- please help

    Jim, Yes, you said that. And I did look for FSUIPC.txt, and I also used the Win10 search function -- which, as I said, could find nothing. (I've only had Win 10 since August, but IMO it's sort of like Mr. Magoo.) My mistake was to actually look in FSX/Modules for a file named "FSUIPC.txt," and I, too, found nothing. But there's a happy ending! Today, I found a file (no postscript) called "FSUIPC4_prev" in FSX/Modules. I guess this is the log of the last flight before I shut down FSX. Anyway, it has a bunch of entries like the example you gave, above. No value lower than 1.7 BG VAS remaining, which I guess is good news. The bad news is that FSX crashed twice on me yesterday, both times when my FPS was at the preset limit, and MS Process Explorer said my VAS used was below 2.0. So, there's something else afoot besides VAS. In any case, I appreciate your time and thoroughness. I am pondering P3Dv4, and will start looking at those forums to see how error-free it really is. I don't mind the "Professional" price tag, but I am not enthusiastic about learning a new system. (After all these years, I know a lot of FSX keystrokes.) Finally, you indicate I should rely on the AVSIM FSX Basic Config Guide. OK, but that says it's for FSX with "no commercial or freeware scenery/aircraft add-on." For the time being, I shall persist with FSX and my beloved Orbx sceneries, which produce eye candy like the jpeg I have now failed to attach to this post. Mac6737
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    New to FSUIPC -- please help

    Thank you, Jim. But I must be a slow learner. How do you find the Report? Looking for FSUIPC on my PC yields nothing. Do you have to end the flight? Close FSX?
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    New to FSUIPC -- please help

    Thank you, Jim. But I must be a slow learner. How do you find the Report? Looking for FSUIPC on my PC yields nothing. Do you have to end the flight? Close FSX? BTW, since I've been messing around in the past 2 weeks, I seem to have reduced my CTDs a lot. Knock on wood. After a fatal HD crash last summer, I had to replace my PC, reinstall FSX, etc., but then I added a bunch of Orbx scenery and some high-maintenance payware planes to take advantage of my greatly-upgraded PC. I found my sim was unstable and unreliable to the point of unusable. On advice of old pros on forums, I did the UI AutomationCore.dll thing, made a few changes to the cfg, and disabled some scenery I'm not currently using. Also found TweakFPS very helpful, although I have recently gone back to my original cfg. Mac6737 i7-8700 3.7 GHz GeForce GTX 1070 Ti; 8GB onboard AORUS Z370 Gaming 5 LGA 1151 ATX motherboard 16GB RAM 2 TB hard drive 27” MSI gaming monitor, set at 2550 for FSX