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  1. I'm just running the default DX9, I believe. I'm the same in just living with it.
  2. Does anyone else with FSX-SE get a windows installer and simconnect install window, every time the start the game. I've read in other places that a corrupted simconnect can cause issues with the b777serv.dll file.
  3. ok, I've had some progress. I decided to look into the aircraft panel.cfg I found the following section gauge20=b777eicas!eicas200LR, 1340, 632, 350, 341 gauge21=b777serv!eicasStatus, 1544, 633, 142, 145 gauge22=b777newFP!GearWidePanel, 1732,590,188,490 Of particular interest is the line reading: gauge21=b777serv!eicasStatus, 1544, 633, 142, 145 This leads to a file in the panel.777 folder called b777serv.dll I know the other 2 lines relate to the working parts of that display, and I know that there are 2 xml files that have the messages I want. I edited this line and inserted what I believed was the path to one of the two xml files named posky_eicas1 inside the SimObjects\Airplanes\Boeing_777_200ER_OP\panel.777\posky777_glassgauge folder I edited the panel.cfg so that it read: gauge21=posky777_glassgauge!posky_eicas1, 1544, 633, 142, 145 And when I loaded up the sim.. this is what I saw on the 2d panel So I've linked it to the wrong place but at least I know that is the gauge in question. Now I just need to find out where the messages are or if that b777serv.dll contains what I need but is broken somehow. Also, if anyone could tell me what those numbers at the end of each line relate to, that would be great.
  4. As soon as I uploaded that photo and saw the difference I knew someone would bring it up. 😂 Alas, I've tried the selector panel in every configuration possible. Still no messages.
  5. Ok, done that. No problems found and no improvement when I loaded the game again. I uninstalled and downloaded FSX again... the only change is that now the Radio stack on the default 737 and 747 is black...I installed the 777 along with the 777-300.gau and msvcr70.dll again guessed it, still have the original issue. I've now uninstalled FSX AND Steam and I am currently waiting for FSX to finish downloading again. After that, my only solution is going to be a clean windows install or to nuke my PC from orbit haha It's such a small thing but it is just going to bug me until I can fix it.
  6. One of the issues is that the download package comes with an installer so you just hit run and it does it all automatically. That's great from an ease of use standpoint, but it also means I don't get to understand where the various files are extracted to and what they should look like. I managed to find the files in question from a United 777-200 and put them in the appropriate places but I'm still having the same issue. I noticed, there are two xml files named posky_eicas1 & posky_eicas2 inside the SimObjects\Airplanes\Boeing_777_200ER_OP\panel.777\posky777_glassgauge folder. I note that they have all the text for the messages i'm looking for. So the problem seems to be that the sim is unable to reference them in-game. I'm a total novice on the filing structure and how they relate to each other, but maybe someone with more knowledge than me can point me in the right direction?
  7. and here it is with starboard engine shut down and APU started, like yours.
  8. Here's my 2D panel. Engines are running, APU started. I've flown this plane many times now and have never seen any messages displayed.
  9. Yup.. That's what I was expecting to see. Mine is blank. Anywhere I can start looking to troubleshoot?
  10. It took me around an hour too. It's throttled to 100kbps. What 3 sites do you use, out of curiosity?
  11. This is the download I used. Yes, it's not mentioned but it all comes as a bundle.
  12. Hi There, Thanks. I'm looking for the crew annunciation messages. APU GEN ON, Parking brakes set, speedbrakes armed, etc.
  13. Hi All, I downloaded the 777-200ER ultimate pack for FSX-SE from rikooooo the other day. Everything is working great and after a bit of trouble initially, I managed to get the FMC working like a charm. My only issue now is that I'm getting no messages on the EICAS. I have Engine data, Flap and Gear status, Temps, Fuel but no messages, cautions or warnings in the top right quadrant of the display. This applies to the VC as well as the 2D Panel. Does anyone know what the problem might be?