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  1. Hello Folks, Im a little confused on W3. I have downloaded W3 and have put all the appropriate files in there folders , except the aircraft. Am I supposed to load airplanes or what. I listened to the video but he is not explaining where do you get Airplanes. What am I missing here. RobertC
  2. Hello folks, I love little Nav map and im wondering will it work on a ipad. thanks....RobertC
  3. Hello folks, my name is RobertC, and i have been using Radar C. form years. i recently moved to another state and bought a home. Upon doing so for some reason i have lost my copy of RC. i re downloaded it from his cloud. im a little confused on where to get the key generator and so forth. i read a few threads and i believe you folks said that its in a locked pin and look for item 2. Im as old as dirt, so can you be more pacific on what and where is item 2. i believe i can get it working, just need a little help. Thanks RobertC
  4. Hello Folks, I finally after hours of configuring got it up and working, but there is a problem. when I start XP and then load radar Contact the display window does not show up. All settings work , but just the display not showing up. Thx...RobertC
  5. When I load rc4toxp it does not prompt me for a key, it just loads and thas it. do I have to manually insert the registration key. Is there a step by step tutorial. After I register Radar Contact, what do I do with it close it, open it? The rc4toxp folder is in plugins and the folders 62 and 32 are present in rc4toxp. As I said there is no asking of reg.key or anything, just loads the file in the proper place, and when I try to start XP in admin I get the error that that the Xplane exe and the 32 bit xp exe. need to be set to admin. Where is the 32 bit xp exe? What do you mean by set to admin and not start in admin? Am I missing a step? I have loaded Radar contact and registered it on the same computer as Xp 11. I then loaded rc4toxp , and it loaded I believe all the appropriate files except the the key file. The rc4toxp file , plugins/rc4toxp/ 64,32 are present. I don't believe there is an error in running XP. No problem until trying to load rc4toxp. Seems to be straight forward. THX...…..RobertC
  6. Im sorry I get the same error administrator rights. I started both rc4toxplane as ADMIN and the same with Radar contact. is that what you mean. The plugin folder has RC4toXPlane in it and I started it as admin. I loaded Radar contact as admin also. So what happens from there. Do I just start XP. And how do you register RC4toXPlane. ( a valid key). Instructions are terrible. RobertC………………..THX
  7. Hello folks, first time in yhis forum. I have been using XP for about a year now and its great. I come from FSX world for about twenty years and I have used radar contact as far as I can remember. But now im using XP. 1. I have loaded RC4toXP and I see it in my plugins' folder but when I load XP its not there in plugins. 2. I have radar contact registered. can I have radar contact running on a second monitor or does it have to be on the server with XP. 3. Also when loading XP11 I get an error saying I must set up XP exe and XP exe32 bit to administrator rights. I always start Xp in ADMIN rights. 4. The directions seem a little vague. What im wanting to do is run XP one the server and run Radar contact on my second monitor(client). that's how I ran it with FSX. All my secondary utilities run on a network. If not how can I get the right procedure done to get it up and running. THX...………………...RobertC
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