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  1. Matthew2004

    PMDG 777

    Hi I got PMDG 777 but when I try to load it in it just doesnt want to work. If I select the plane It wont let me chose a gate or stand it only gives me a active runway option and when i try to change weather or airport to start the flight I have to press ALT on my key board just to open the page. I also have the PMDG 737 and it works fine it doesnt give me this problem. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the response and my graphic card is a Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
  3. Hi I got NMG O.R Tambo scenery on my FSX-SE and when I fly there the ground goes all blurry and can not see taxi lines or anything. Part of me thinks it may be my graphics card but just want to make sure. So any help will be great.😉
  4. Does that also mean update my Flight Management System.
  5. Hi can someone please help. I downloaded NMG Lanseria for FSX Steam Edition and I see there is no runway or SIDS there is nothing and I am trying to land there doing a ILS but there is no runway in my PMDG 737 FMC. Please help
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