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  1. I use MCX a lot. Perhaps that might work.
  2. I'm running the payware Taxi2Gate Mexico City XTREME scenery. It's very accurate and realistic, but I have a problem. Whenever I point the camera at Terminal 1 at the MMMX airport and TERMINAL 1 ONLY, I see a big drop in my framerate. I have a good gaming laptop and, with maxed out settings, FSX will run at 40-60+ FPS in the rest of the city and I can get up to triple digit framerates when I'm out in the open, therefore it's not a performance problem. There is something inside Terminal 1 or right next to it that is nosediving my framerate from 30-60 down to 7-10 FPS, whenever I simply turn the camera at it. The question is: WHAT? I've spent a lot of time looking at performance boosts, tinkered with my FSX.cfg file, except this is the only place where I am experiencing major lag problems like this. I can spawn anywhere at the MMMX airport but if the camera is merely pointed at T1 I get major lag problems. I can turn the camera 180 degrees and my FPS will even triple! Once again, I have no idea what is going wrong, and I don't know why simply doing this is lagging me like crazy. Any ideas?
  3. My CPU is an Intel i7-8750H, hexa-core, dodeca (12)-thread. When idle, it runs at about 3.9 GHz but with Turbo Boost it can go up to 4.1 GHz. That leads me another question I have- I have AffinityMask set in my .CFG so FSX can use all six cores. For some reason, when all six cores are in use, Turbo Boost runs at 2.7 GHz in each core, according to Task Manager. I've read on some other threads that FSX makes the most use out of one (or two?) cores, therefore would it run better if it was using one or two cores at 4.1 GHz instead of 6 cores at 2.7? But also, about the low framerate. It's only a temporary thing; I was just asking because I wanted to make some videos- HOWEVER I can easily run FSX at 1/4 simulation speed, then speed the video up by a factor of 4 in my video editor.
  4. Yeah....... I have it completely maxed out. However, AI traffic of any kind seems to have a much lesser impact on performance (I'm running DX10 with Steve's Fixer) on my machine. Additionally, there are many other airports I've been at with yet more traffic but don't lag like this. Further flying around the airport shows that it might not even be T1. Runways, runway lights, whatever it is, it's making me lag.
  5. No. While I'm taking off and landing, I get major FPS lag. As I said before, my FPS is good literally everywhere else on the planet, but when I'm at a gate in T1 or taxiing to it/close by it, it drops dramatically. Once I take off, the FPS improves a lot; it's just a bit annoying to have such low FPS at the airport itself.