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  1. Fresjay76

    CTD With Orbx scenery/Prepar3d 4.5

    Ok I follow. So is there a way to check to see if this is the case? I also came up with a thought could the EU England be conflicting with TE GB South since things being displayed in the south of the UK would be duplicated? Jason
  2. Fresjay76

    CTD With Orbx scenery/Prepar3d 4.5

    Not sure I get what you are saying. Are you saying can be used in FS9? I only ask and pardon my ignorance as I am new to P3D but am experiencing real FPS issues with TE GB South being completely unusable because of the FPS loss. Was lucky to land the VA flight I was on at the time considering the FPS was between 5-9 on landing. Was expecting a CTD but it didn't happen thankfully.
  3. So I recently switched to P3D for my main sim needs. I also still use FSX:SE. But the problem is I use Little NavConnect to use my other PC (laptop) as my nav source to run LNM. Is there a way to get P3D's map/terrain info onto it without installing P3D on it as well? I ask because currently the Laptop is full to the brim with all kinds of games and other software and doesn't have the space to install P3D to get the updates info. On the main system running P3D, LNM has already been updated and has the P3D map info so it displays properly. But would love to get back to how I used to run things in FSX. Any help appreciated. Thanks, Jason
  4. You are correct and found this out late last night. I should have come back and deleted the question. Used the Remote MFD and EFB all day today. Love this feature. Thank you for responding to my post. Jason
  5. I got it all working and figured out. But my issue is how or can I get rid of the browser frame around the CDU or EFB on screen? I have a Samsung SM-T380 Android tablet I am using for this and chrome as the browser to view everything. Thanks, Jason
  6. Fresjay76

    ATR 42 Bug List

    The patch fixed a few things. I just did a full flight with the aircraft. Still can't get the plane to establish on ILS or glideslope not that it is hard to land but the glide slope did show up on the FD. Issues still persist in the form of FMS not proceeding through the flight plan and now a GSX issue. I have no baggage loaders, or correct number of passengers. I loaded and unloaded a whole 2. GSX says it uses the aircrafts config file to judge all this but the cfg's look fine to me. So not sure what I am missing. All in all was still a fun plane to fly and will fly and do what you tell it for the most part. Just immersion type issues still persist. Also did a Hotel start for the first time, that was pretty slick using the procedures @46Pilot put out in another thread. Sadly GSX would not work in this state because it thinks a engine is spooled up. Live and learn. Really hope they iron out more of these bugs. Jason
  7. Fresjay76

    EDRM-Repaints on the ATR42

    @Flieger-Marius Beautiful work you have done with this new plane. I will have to look into your other repaints as I have a few of the aircraft you have done. Keep up the great work. Jason
  8. Fresjay76

    ATR 42 Bug List

    46Pilot and Edpatino, Thank you for your reply's. Got the patch installed and was pleasantly surprised to see my FPS issue resolved but the VAS usage not so much. But since my switch from FSX:SE to P3D is imminent I am not overly worried about it. The big reason I bought the plane was it cross compatibility between the 2. I have many a payware that will not do this, at least not to any version above V4.3. I plan on going to V4.5 so having this as a good option is very nice. I also want to thank 46Pilot for his insight into the operations of the CL, PL, and Power MGT switch in other threads. Has made my controlling of the aircraft more understandable and enjoyable. I also have the Majestic Dash-8 so this is now my easier go to for short commuter flights. Especially while flying around in Europe. Thanks again, Jason
  9. Fresjay76

    ATR 42 Bug List

    Question on this as I am unable to locate the update to the AT42. I have had it for 2 days I believe it is still the 1.0 as the file itself says AT100 vs something like AT110. Can someone point me in the right direction or did I miss something? Thank you, Jason