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  1. All my posts was about FPS, not mircostutters. I mentioned microstutters, but I ask for help on FPS. I am not interested in your expert opinion on the state of the game. I came here for help with FPS. You, the Colonel, "in terms of credibility, by the numbers, in the upper echelon" with years of serving and super high rank, so far, have provided none and now you change the subject... I understand that microstutters are super annoying, hopefully can be fixed, but honestly, for me, it is not the end of the world. I do respect that they are super annoying for you. Ps. Thank you for my first reputation point. I will wear it as a badge of honor, knowing that, coming from you, I earned it.
  2. But then how was I able to gain 20 fps while remaining at high settings? as the expert you claim to be, you should be able to produce a similar solution in nothing flat... I do not feel this world of pain, but maybe that is because I know the score with flight sims and that they are constantly being developed further. All in all, I am happy with the release, the development it has made since day one Alpha and am hopeful for the future. There are many that feel the same way. So why is it your opinion that it is just a world of pain? Are you in a world of pain?
  3. Well, those are the angles you can see. I see quite a few more. I wish you well.
  4. Did you just make that up? More importantly, do you actually believe that?
  5. Sadly, I must report that you, were wrong. I found my solution before I replied to you. I am sitting at 30 fps at high settings without too much of a sacrifice. Given my hardware, there was little way around it until Asobo patches. That fact is hardy educated advice. It is common knowledge. So far you have offered nothing of value. I do not care about your numbers, or years of service. I judge you by your responses toward the topic and those have been woefully lacking in this thread. Lower echelon material... well, really bottom of the barrel if I am honest. Now, maybe you actually read my post, so what advice would you offer me to get to 30 fps, like I was able to do. I will give you a tip: I did not fiddle with my BIOS, GPU settings, nor did I install any 3rd party software. Now, I am going to go out on a limb and say that while you are well spoken and have offered help in the past, your main aim in this thread is to be divisive.
  6. Look, with all due respect, I was not asking you. Yes, you specifically. Your opinion is well know and not really worth my time. You offered no help whatsoever and simply abused my request for your own narrative. I know what you have to say, sadly both what and the way you choose to say it has robbed you of all credibility.
  7. Hello, I am having issues. My rig: i7-6700, 32GB Ram, 1070 8GB, SSD, Dual Monitor (one 4k, one 27" widescreen for Discord and such). I get 10 - 20 frames and average 16. The game seems to be smooth enough when I swivel the camera and fly the plane(ie. it is smooth with no signs of a slide show). I do get microstutters. I use the dev mode fps counter to measure my fps. I usually use high settings, but here is the kicker. I can use any settings, notice the change in visuals with out it effecting the fps. Same goes for lowering the resolution(except 640p. So is the fps reporting bad? Does the game account for poor fps rates in some way? I would be happy with a consistent 30 fps. Thanks
  8. I concur. I refunded EZDok. It was not straightforward in its use and proved difficult to uninstall. Chase Plane has a much better interface and therefor it is quite easy to configure and has many options.
  9. Hello, since REX support removed their forums in order to make their support more "personal" all references to the Day/Night cycle bug have been removed. Their discord is no help either as I was told to file a support ticket when I ask if this issue had been resolved. So I will ask the same question here: Has the issue with Environment Force breaking the day / Night Cycle been fixed? Thank you.
  10. ASP3D just eats into your vram with truesky enabled. It seems to me that truesky is just not ready(or the addon developers are not ready for truesky). Also P5D extremely invasive resetting of the graphics settings does not limit itself to the graphics settings either.
  11. I can not seem to add ASP3D to the AIRAC updater. I did manage to update changing and renaming the folders.
  12. So, tell me, what should I do if I follow the instructions and uninstall via control panel, but the folder with all the content is still installed?
  13. Thanks, I found that site and could not make heads or tails of it, Bill. Ron, that was my first guess(I guessed both directions) as I figured it to be easy, but it came back as wrong(but did sign me up for the forum, I guess... I am signed up). Skywolf - forums
  14. Hello, first off: What is their problem? It is a security question. I have no idea how to solve that requires googling or specialized knowledge(I just sim for the fun). It really makes me feel like they are showing me the finger True course 248, variation 5 degrees west, specify magnetic course How does one solve this?
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