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  1. I concur. I refunded EZDok. It was not straightforward in its use and proved difficult to uninstall. Chase Plane has a much better interface and therefor it is quite easy to configure and has many options.
  2. Hello, since REX support removed their forums in order to make their support more "personal" all references to the Day/Night cycle bug have been removed. Their discord is no help either as I was told to file a support ticket when I ask if this issue had been resolved. So I will ask the same question here: Has the issue with Environment Force breaking the day / Night Cycle been fixed? Thank you.
  3. ASP3D just eats into your vram with truesky enabled. It seems to me that truesky is just not ready(or the addon developers are not ready for truesky). Also P5D extremely invasive resetting of the graphics settings does not limit itself to the graphics settings either.
  4. I can not seem to add ASP3D to the AIRAC updater. I did manage to update changing and renaming the folders.
  5. So, tell me, what should I do if I follow the instructions and uninstall via control panel, but the folder with all the content is still installed?
  6. Thanks, I found that site and could not make heads or tails of it, Bill. Ron, that was my first guess(I guessed both directions) as I figured it to be easy, but it came back as wrong(but did sign me up for the forum, I guess... I am signed up). Skywolf - forums
  7. Hello, first off: What is their problem? It is a security question. I have no idea how to solve that requires googling or specialized knowledge(I just sim for the fun). It really makes me feel like they are showing me the finger True course 248, variation 5 degrees west, specify magnetic course How does one solve this?
  8. Hello, I own several versions of the FS2Crew products and must report that the 777 version is broken and buggy. All other versions work perfectly, but the 777 has no sound and regularly causes CTDs. All versions I own are on the same computer using the same P3Dv4.5 install and same hardware. Save for the 777, they all work wonderfully and flawlessly every time.
  9. So the FS2Crew staff does not know what the cause or fix is? I have the same issue in addition to causing CTDs with 777 FS2Crew. It is the ONLY version of FS2Crew that gives me any trouble, but it is practically unusable. I repeat the 777 version is the ONLY version that does not function properly for me. I own 737, 747 and FSLabs versions and they all work perfectly. The 777 version has no FO sound and regularly causes CTD.
  10. So Environment Force 5 is breaking the day/night cycle. This is an immersion breaking bug that several people, me included, are experiencing. While I like the ability to load textures on the fly, that ability is not worth it at the cost of the day/night cycle. I certainly can not recommend it until it is fixed and will be uninstalling it. Sad, since the REX products are generally good programs.
  11. Yeah, I had to switch presets and reload textures several times to get rid of it. In the end using a envtex texture did it
  12. Sun after switching to Pilot Pete preset, I noticed it did this to my sun? Is there a way to fix this.? This is horrible. Although the lighting on the preset was good. Thank you
  13. So if I use Chaseplane I should be able to avoid the CTD issues caused by switching views? That would be great as I do use Chaseplane. I have read about the shared cockpit in the Airbuses ( I own the CRJ too and am waiting for the a330), but am hesitant as I am not that firm on procedures. Is there a mentoring system that will be implemented?
  14. Okay, thanks, although I will inform you that i did switch this option to yes with no effect. the popup remained open. However, I will make sure it is set properly as I do enjoy your product. In any case, thank you for your help. Ps. Regardless of the issues before, changing the setting has it working as advertised. Thank you.
  15. This thread is keeping me from buying the 717.
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