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  1. I am not sure if I open this topic in the correct section... I really love this airplane. I got it o Steam and it came with 3 paints (1AF,1 KLM, and all others are full blanc/white). I am with fsx for years but I am new to Steam Edition. As far as I know, in Steam Edition, the aircrafts bought from Steam Store goes to DLC folder in fsx directory. I don`t have any folder that belongs to CLS DC-10 in simobjects so all the CLS DC-10 folders are in DLC - Aircraft Folder - Simobjects - Aircrafts - Aircraft Folder(s) I downloaded various liveries including official ones...And tried to install but I don`t see any of them. My question is: I am sure I install the liveries as how it should be. I wonder if is there any lock by the developer to not see the liveries, what should I do to see the liveries?
  2. I have the Steam edition and I can`t add any livery at all. Can you tell us how?
  3. Hi everyone! This is Goktug and I've got double nationality I was born in Istanbul, Turkey so I'm Turkish by birth and Mexican as my second nationality. I'm a Christian and I'm married with the most beautiful woman I've ever met in my life. I'm a polyglot, I speak English, Turkish, Italian, Spanish and Swedish. I live in Cancun and I love baseball and football. I support San Fransisco Giants and Greenbay Packers. And I'm going to start my CPL training next year. I was following this community more than 8 years so I'm actually familiar with Avsim but I decided to be a part of the forum so I'm here.
  4. Hello everyone! I downloaded the new Istanbul Airport from Avsim Library but the airport doesn't have any traffic not even a controller, it's like an abandoned airport. How can I edit this airport to make it alive? (and how can I close the old airport LTBA - Ataturk) The link of the airport
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