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  1. Retiredpilot

    Remote CDU (or equivalent)

    Mark; Thanks for your reply. John
  2. Retiredpilot

    Remote CDU (or equivalent)

    Mark; Thanks for the link. I downloaded it and it seemed to connect OK, but when I run my IP address:port on the iPad I only get what seems to be the "shell" of the app. No key presses work and the data on the FMC showing on the PC does not appear. The server app on the PC says it is listening on that address:port. Also, the panel was successfully added to the PMDG 737NG. I don't see a support contact for the app either. There is some glare from the overhead light on the image, sorry. Any thoughts? Thanks. John
  3. Retiredpilot

    Remote CDU (or equivalent)

    I am still with FS9 as I don't have the cash to buy new stuff and a more powerful PC. FS9 works great and all, but I was hoping to find a CDU/FMC that could run on an iPad so I have touch screen capabilities. I have a small Raspberry Pi designed touch screen (7") and it works OK, but the buttons are very small. I know that Remote CDU won't work with the PDMG 737NG that I have as tried out the free version just to make sure. Does anyone know of an app to get a CDU/FMC on an iPad that is compatible with the PDMG 737NG and FS9? I certainly don't have the hundreds to buy an actual hardware CDU/FMC. Thanks. John