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  1. That's a last gen card and nothing really spectacular. Only a slight improvement over your current 1070.
  2. My guess would be that it is a Zurich Airport addon for MSFS by FSDreamTeam.
  3. You can rename the folder what ever you like (special characters excluded). Does not affect contents.
  4. Loaded up in every one of those airports in one go without restarting game in between. No issues.
  5. By the time it is finished, 1TB is nothing but a reasonably priced USB stick.
  6. Has it always been like this for you? Do you find it acceptable?
  7. It was there in Technical Alpha 1. Not nearly as bad, though. Yeeeah, come to think of it, grass sure seemed greener back then.
  8. Only some planes got tweaked, not all. What I find hilarious is that at really slow speed, rudder has more control authority than at moderate speeds.
  9. I wish game developers would stop using nonsense like motion blur and film grain. I don't know a single person who likes those smearing effects.
  10. So they just keep reducing denoising to the point where noise from dithering is screamingly apparent? For what, one FPS gain?
  11. This effect has always been there but it indeed seems more pronounced now. To me, it looks like dithering, but I can't figure out why Asobo would implement such an ancient and useless technique. Maybe someone has some more information why it is there in the first place.
  12. Leftmost button with your gamertag on it at the menu ribbon (top of the screen).
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