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  1. Evros

    I need help.

    ChasePlane application auto updates upon startup. You should uninstall and then reinstall via VFXCentral.
  2. Whenever Nvidia GPU is roughly above 15% in D3D application, core will run at maximum operating frequency. Having lower than maximum utilization does not mean that it will downclock. Make sure you at least delete your prepar3d.cfg configuration file and shaders. Regarding autogen loading, set in-game frame rate limiter. If running unlimited, then you assign virtually no resources to terrain loading. You could also mess with FFTF, but I recommend to do your tuning with in-game sliders.
  3. Is this a default KEWR scenery? It certainly looks like it. If that is the case, then I am not sure what you are trying to achieve with SODE. Those crosses happen when SODE is trying to pull an object from the library but can not find the file specified either because it is not there or there is a version mismatch between called object and SODE. To me, it looks like you are trying to inject proprietary DD SODE content in to defualt scenery. Obviously, it won't work when you don't have DD KEWR, or even if you would. SODE is not a general enhancement module, but an animation engine that is being utilized by third party addon creators to implement standardized animated objects. If you want moving jetways in default scenery, then your best option is to use GSX, which it seems like you are already doing.
  4. Evros

    GSX configs for YOU

    Works just fine for me. Must be some facebook virus redirecting your traffic.
  5. Evros

    GSX issue

    Don't minimize P3D, just bring up the window you want to use.
  6. Evros

    REX EF SF not running

    Look at Windows Security threat history. It might have caught it and disabled it from running without even notifying you. You can allow it from there.
  7. Evros

    Help with grass on runway

    Well if you don't have any conflicting scenery or elevation issues that cause it, then it might also be due to modified 'detail1.bmp'. Programs like ENVTEX or Rex Studios default scenery enhancement programs often modify this file and you could end up with some weird stuff like that. If you have used a program that does these things, then you might want to look up your backups and restore original file in to 'root/Scenery/World/Texture'. Giving a list of your addons would go a long way in troubleshooting this more accurately
  8. Evros

    Help with grass on runway

    It looks like an elevation issue. If you have Vector, then you can try and disable ABP_KCOI.bgl by renaming it to ABP_KCOI.inactive, or any extension of your choosing, and see if that helps. Path to that file is \ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_APT\scenery. You could also try automated elevation correction in Vector Control Panel, but I think that this utility is garbage and wont rectify most errors.
  9. Evros

    Stutters revisited.......

    @ttbq1 Glad to see that it helped you. I faced a terrible performance loss across the whole system as well when I updated to latest version. Luckily, for me, that was the only variable that changed at the moment to it was easy to track it down. @micstatic The current issue is related to Corsair's iCue software only. If you do use that software and are on version 3.19.120, then you could open a hardware resource monitor of your choosing and see if core 0 is heavily loaded while system is idle. All that work would then be attributed to a system process called 'System Interrupts' and would amount the load of a single core maxing out. System Interrupts are priority level kernel requests that jump the processing pipeline queue for immediate execution. In a standard, well operating environment, the effect of this process should not be noticeable to user and should remain at 0% CPU usage most of the time. @Rob_Ainscough Very true regarding Asus Aura. Even running the basic rainbow effect will eat some 5% of processing power with 8c/16t 5Ghz processor. Sometimes LightingService.exe trainwrecks completely and will start hammering CPU with 20-30% load. Setting things to static light will solve both of those problems.
  10. Evros

    Washed out look to instrument PFD

    Lower HDR bloom settings, that is what's causing it. Your addons might exaggerate it, but it basically comes down to HDR anyway.
  11. Evros

    Stutters revisited.......

    I see that there are some Corsair processes running in the background. Are you using iCue software. iCue 3.19.120 has introduced an issue where core 0 is hammered with hardware interrupts. If that is you, then downgrade to 3.18 or just try out with iCue uninstalled. It looks exactly like that because your system interrupts process is also running high.