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  1. I don't think it was a cache thing, but last night when I went to buy it was there, clear enough. Great product, thank you!
  2. http://reality-xp.com/store/index.html This I would refer to as "sales page". This is where I end up after pressing 'store' and 'product catalog'. If I see there a regular price and no mention of extra discount, I'm not inclined to click further (if the extra discount is what I'm after ofcourse). I think I've applied some logic here and I wouldn't be the only one EDIT: It's also not on your front page or your support forum, so again… If I didn't google for it I would never have known….
  3. You might want to make this clear on your sales page. Because I have been looking on your sales page the entire week to see if there would be a sale, and there still is nothing until you actually click that you want to buy. I had to do a google search trying to find out if there was a sale last year to finally see this message and start clicking around on your sale page....
  4. Hi, I'm strongly considering buying Reality XP GPS and a RealSimGear display unit or units to go with it. My question is as follows: Most if not all (new) planes will state that they support the RXP 750 unit. As I like 'older' stuff more I'm wondering if that automatically means it will support a 430/530 unit too ? I am currently particularly interested in the Carenado F50 and FlyJSim Q400 legacy. Will these work with integrated 530's ?
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