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  1. Found the fuel cutoff switch in the manual. It can be located on different positions, so I'll ask my boss how to operate it. He'll HAVE to know this, as he used this exact setup for training purposes...
  2. I think I got it - mixture was fully in the downward position (lean), which also says "idle cut-off". I'll try monday, the sim is at my work, from my Boss! He also used it to train for his PPL, now it is my turn! I still have troubles assigning one of the handles to these functions - I have 3 handles, but it is just the power lever that actually works, so the other ones were still in the fully downward position. I'll move them up using the mouse.
  3. Thank you, downloaded it and reading it now.... 378 pages!
  4. OK, this is the info I'm looking for! I read the manual of the DA40 fully, all 284 pages or so, but I don't have this manual for the DA20 Katana. I'll ask Diamond Aircraft to send it as a .pdf or so. At the moment, I just don't know WHERE to look for that switch. I found a switch for the fuel pump, but that didn't make any difference (on or off).
  5. I'm just new to this extensive forum, whoow, what a lot of sub-directories and "departments" here! I hope I post my question at the right place: I just installed the Diamond DA20 Katana (it seems I succeeded in that), I can start the engine and it runs, I can take off, but somehow, every time I try to fly, the engine just quits running after approximately one minute of flying. I tried with and without the fuel pump switch on and off. After the plane has come down, it cannot be restarted. For sure, the starter turns over the engine, but it won't actually start.... Anybody any idea what I do wrong here? It would be nice if my flight can be longer than one minute! I do all this in preparation for getting started with my PPL / VFR / SEP (Private Pilot Licence / Visual Flight Rules / Single Engine Piston).
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