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  1. Y You can really curious if something will amaze me. Regarding LEMD from LatinVFR many users complained about lack of VRAM on this airport had 10GB free it was oscilating around 9.5GB (never saw such big VRAM utilization in P3D) and during a movement CTD as graphic card stopped responding. But upgraded to RTX3090 with 24GB VRAM ... so not a problem anymore. And yes 4K textures >> 1080p => much more Vram is utilized on 4K vs 1080p.
  2. On my 11GB today I launched LEMD by LatinVFR and got crashed due to lack of VRAM... Had to reduce textures from 4096 to 2048 so far. RTX3090 needed with 24GB to run P3Dv5 (LOL)... If I turn EA OFF what are the best clouds? Because I understand with EA off you can install whatever you want.
  3. 1/ Volumetric Fog = On 2/ Yes all updated Client, Content and Scenery to 5.1HF1 3/ Yes 7633 RC3 version 4/ I have no idea where is "Disable EA volumetric cloud control"? And yeah Fog problems with "white areas" appear only during night landing+fog of course. 5/ My first screenshot is from EDDM (aerosoft/simwings v5 compatible) approach. They claim it's LM bug. Come on
  4. Guys what according to you is the best weather machine combo considering P3Dv5.1HF1? I already have ActiveSky and ... EA on, but those EA clouds look like (no comment) and fog approach looks like this and it is very disappointing so far.
  5. Was awaiting for 3 things 1/ FSLab A320 - updated 2/ EZCA - updated 3/ HiFi ActiveSky - not updated But looks like fast hotfix is coming after they raged LM because of the ActiveSky ... http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=140043&start=30 Staying with 5.0HF2 ...
  6. If you love VFR - you can uninstall P3D If you love IFR - you can uninstall FS2020
  7. i9-9900K & RTX2080Ti 32GB RAM - full ULTRA and 4K 30-40FPS, sometimes drop to around 20-25FPS, GPU - 99%, CPU - 20%, VRAM - 10GB, RAM - 25GB
  8. It is beta, randomly crashes, autopilot is a joke and I was hyped their A320 is more or less 75% of FSLab (how dumb I was) which is I assume max 20%. Anyway, this game is giving us a great zero base, great for VFRs, weak for IFRs, but it'll improve.
  9. 1080p, 1440p or 4K? your're getting 50%? I'm getting 99% on 4K.
  10. There is 1 airport which I try to load and got Crash To Desktop it is BIKF. Can somebody try to load this airport and confirm it? It's the only one on my computer as trying each time different airport, also if you can check if in LEBL you have giant building after take off up to the sky.
  11. If your GPU is not to 100% your CPU is bottlenecking ... My RTX2080Ti is 100% and i9-9900K is 20%
  12. Maybe arcade word was an abuse, I should have said arcade IFR type of flying.
  13. Do you have an impression that all those IFR planes their FMC/MCDUs are most likely arcade planes not real one? Most of the buttons are inOp, FMC can't even allow you make changes, it's like 10-20% of real functionality of pmdg/fslab - you can't even input a road only points, I think for all IFRers it'll take some time to really have fun. VFR is really cool, but IFR so far not so much. Do you have same impression?
  14. Full details, all ULTRA my RTX 2080Ti is 99% load, CPU i9-9900K like 20%
  15. Holly fu... it's like from a 25th century comparing to P3Dv5 or X-Plane 11... Do you guys have 787 dreamliner? I got this max package. Not seeing dreamliner.
  16. Mine was hanging "Checking for updates" and had to close the sim like 5 times before it started to install... So far 45min when a true installation started and 70GB done from 91.5GB
  17. OK guys I know this is mostly P3Dv5 forum, but I spent 50% of time in X-Plane 11 and 50% of time in P3Dv4 now v5. Flying IFRs got 2 sims maxed. PMGD/FSLab/Majestic and in X-Plane Toliss/Zibo/FlightFactor and almost all payware sceneries including ORBX and X-Plane with Ortho4XP too sitting on NAS 20TB with 10Gbit/s local LAN connection. Of course I bought MS FS2020 and was thinking, that for some time MS FS2020 will have to mature. I am a guy who flies both sims. Love X-Plane and love P3Dv5. Each has pros/cons. If you have to kill one sim, as you're flying mostly IFRs on VATSIM, which one will it be?
  18. P3D does not use GPU a lot ... There are some limits... As a person who's been flying X-Plane 11 and P3D v4.5 in 4K I can say that P3D v4.5 uses CPU in most cases, and X-Plane 11 uses GPU in most cases... My RTX2080Ti is almost NOT responding and doing nothing in P3D on 4K on quite detailed level, but my i9-9900K@5.1 has a very crazy job, while in X-Plane 11 ... RTX2080Ti has quite a nasty job to do, while CPU is a little bit lazy.
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