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  1. I was lucky not buying their MSFS product - not to support the "game" I uninstalled ... but I fully agree with your "letter".
  2. Maybe in P3D but lots of new complex planes are in pipeline for XP11 -> XP12...
  3. It was so obvious from the beginning that this MSFS will be optimized for XBOX, I still can't believe many people (including myself) cheated themselves this time will be different. No it won't. Let Aerosoft and PMDG get some experience on this hot market, but I personally think selling "expensive" flightsim products to platform which : 1/ Can't really handle it as it should 2/ People who don't really have the capacity to operate the plane 3/ People who aren't really expecting excessive flightsiming from MSFS. is like ... hmmm CaptainSim ... selling their 20$ planes to MSFS as a complete cr*p.. Why? Because these are the needs for XBOX platform and I hope I'm wrong, otherwise it'll be a very painful and money burning PMDG lesson.
  4. That's going to be an ultimate test for PMDG and complex planes in MSFS... 2.3M users but 1% is interested to spend 100$+ to use complex aircraft on console? OK - we need to know how many from those 2.3M users are XBOX users, I'd say - way more than 50% or closer to 75%. My golden rule is ... never touch anything what is dedicated on console. And I personally got rid of MSFS because my golden rule once again confirmed my thesis that MSFS (for me) is way more towards arcade fun gaming than feeling true simulation. I don't need so perfect visuals, but depth of simulation and this "feeling" is for me number one So staying in XP11 and P3Dv5.3 awaiting for XP12 and new planes, hoping all complex developers will lose their time and money trying to sell to kids 100$ planes which they can't operate on their XBOXes... (without even VATSIM network)...
  5. Balearic except Mallorca is IMO weak, Ibiza and Mennorca looks weak if you're considering it to TE Great Britain for example. I don't consider both packages as real True Earth unforunatelly.
  6. So far only VATSIM ATIS request is not working in QW 1.4, because VATSIM moved to new servers or something like that. Corrected FX lights are MUST. Big change.
  7. First one doesn't work again, second link works OK. Can I get 1st one?
  8. Y You can really curious if something will amaze me. Regarding LEMD from LatinVFR many users complained about lack of VRAM on this airport had 10GB free it was oscilating around 9.5GB (never saw such big VRAM utilization in P3D) and during a movement CTD as graphic card stopped responding. But upgraded to RTX3090 with 24GB VRAM ... so not a problem anymore. And yes 4K textures >> 1080p => much more Vram is utilized on 4K vs 1080p.
  9. On my 11GB today I launched LEMD by LatinVFR and got crashed due to lack of VRAM... Had to reduce textures from 4096 to 2048 so far. RTX3090 needed with 24GB to run P3Dv5 (LOL)... If I turn EA OFF what are the best clouds? Because I understand with EA off you can install whatever you want.
  10. 1/ Volumetric Fog = On 2/ Yes all updated Client, Content and Scenery to 5.1HF1 3/ Yes 7633 RC3 version 4/ I have no idea where is "Disable EA volumetric cloud control"? And yeah Fog problems with "white areas" appear only during night landing+fog of course. 5/ My first screenshot is from EDDM (aerosoft/simwings v5 compatible) approach. They claim it's LM bug. Come on
  11. Guys what according to you is the best weather machine combo considering P3Dv5.1HF1? I already have ActiveSky and ... EA on, but those EA clouds look like (no comment) and fog approach looks like this and it is very disappointing so far.
  12. Was awaiting for 3 things 1/ FSLab A320 - updated 2/ EZCA - updated 3/ HiFi ActiveSky - not updated But looks like fast hotfix is coming after they raged LM because of the ActiveSky ... http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=140043&start=30 Staying with 5.0HF2 ...
  13. If you love VFR - you can uninstall P3D If you love IFR - you can uninstall FS2020
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